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Ice Cream deliveries!!!


New Member
I recently got two back-to-back ice cream dessert deliveries, the prep time was ridiculous and when I was finally handed these amazing looking desserts - which the consumer paid a lot of money for... the packaging was seriously inadequate - basically a clear plastic tub with a lid jammed on and all four items placed in a cardboard drink tray - similar to what you would expect to use for an order of x 4 coffees.

The 8 minute drive time between the delivery locations was crazy in itself, I used my AC (in November) to try and keep the dessert cool but even so and I was embarrassed to hand over the semi-melted product to the 2nd customer - I explained the delay and apologised for the poor appearance of the dessert and the customer was OK with it but does anyone have any experience of this and in particular how to transport the product - the way that it came from the restaurant, it would not fit in my hot/cool bag anyway!

Islander Kahuna

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Hey Vision, I used to make deliveries when I was in University and I found a Hot Bag and small cooler was very, very helpful. I used to have an Igloo (12"x12" approx) with frozen gel packs inside to keep my drinks and desserts cool.


I'm sorry, if you order ice cream from a place 10 min away, you should be expecting a runny mess. That's called physics folks!