I was duped


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So last night around 11:30, i checked the uber pax app because i was curious. I was in San Leandro and the surge was at 2x5. I was going to keep checking to see if it went higher. It finally went to 4x5 and i was excited. I turned on the app and within seconds, i received a ping. I accepted and went to make a pickup at Oakland airport. After the ride, i noticed i was not paid surge pricing. I emailed the partner email and they mentioned it was not surge time, etc. I think the app was tripping.

Basically, don't pay attention to the pax app to figure out where the surge is. Dang app fooled me!!!

Anyway, just venting. Uber on!

Moo Moo

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I think airports are excluded from surge pricing. Since October 2014 when I started driving for Uber, I think I have seen surge pricing for SFO and OAK only once or twice. Generally I see surge pricing surrounding SFO and OAK.

Upon receiving a pickup ping, I check the ride to see if the request is UberX or UberXL (I drive a minivan and I get requests for UberX and UberXL) and whether the ride is surge priced. I almost call the pax to ask whether they really want UberXL or whether the vehicle selection was a mistake. Sometimes, the pax would say there are only one or two riders and they did not want UberXL and thus I asked them to cancel and request UberX unless they are willing to pay double the rate for UberXL. My point is if you press the top right of your driver app after accepting a ride, you can see the pax's rating, vehicle selection, and surge multiplier if there is a surge.