I want to go into this fulltime....any advice welcomed

Who is John Galt?

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I have a brand new car and capacity to work 168 hours per week......should I or shouldn't I give it a go. Thanks everyone.

Absolutely. :smiles::smiles:

Although, before you get too excited, I think it is only fair to let you know that most drivers in Brisbane find, that to make ends meet, they need to drive for a bare minimum of 170 hours per week. This may be outside your expected level of commitment, but you may; just may, be able to square things up by just eating bananas one day per week. As you are in QLD, the opportunity factor alone, of eating nothing but bananas for a whole day should tip the whole equation in your favour.

There are so many drivers there doing the rudimentary 170 hours a week and then hiking off to their regular jobs. It is a big ask. But hey, a new car, a new car, a new car.....oops....12 months later the car is cactus and worth $10K. But look, the Über career path is truly a trajectory to financial hell freeeeedom.
E v e n t u a l l y.......
By the time you are 85 you may have saved a deposit on a retirement unit.

God, Peter J if you are sixty now and all enthusiastic, in 12 months time you will feel 70 and be reading up on euthanasia. However, whether you do give it a go or not; by sticking around here on the forum, you will be guaranteed a laugh. :smiles:


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I have a brand new car and capacity to work 168 hours per week.

That's your first mistake.....

New cars depreciate quickly the first years of normal use - based on 15,000km to 25,000km. per year.

Doing lots of UBER kms your brand new car will be worthless in 3 years.


"I paid 48k cash for a brand new Mazda CX-5 in October 2015, sold it with 163,000 k on the clock for 14k, thats a 34k hit in less than 2 years." a well known contributer has stated
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I have a brand new car and capacity to work 168 hours per week......should I or shouldn't I give it a go. Thanks everyone.
Only If you have bought a Tesla X, Range Rover Evoque, or a BMW X5.

You will kill it ... 5 star ratings and I'm sure you will get endless Select jobs back to back to and from the airport :smiles:

If you are smart though you will get the family involved and have 3 people sharing the car and you can triple your earnings :cool:

Its amazing .... you can be really efficient and get 504 hours squeezed in each week :rolleyes:

Great post Peter ... you actually brought a smile to my face :biggrin:


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Thanks to daylight saving you can gain an extra hour each day just by crossing the nsw border. This will bring your weekly total up to 175 hours and you'll almost always pick up a job from Byron Bay or Gold Coast airport back to Brisbane.

Keep in mind though at $.65 per km as per RACQ it will cost you $130,000 in running costs for the 200k km you will do for the year.


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If your a student here who will be leaving once you finish your studies and never coming back the yes it's worth it.
If you live here and your tax affairs will catch up with you then no...


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Other than Wilbur and perhaps WIJG, everyone's missed the fact that are actually 8 days in a week.
It's true! I read it in Uber recruiting ads.

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