I want to get a personal plate...which one of these or name another good one to get


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I like Uber Man & Speeder....Uber man will be good even if they go into bankruptcy down the road....NOT if but when


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Personally, I hate personalized license plates, because it makes that much easier for people to track you down.
But, if you want to LIVE BIG, GO BIG, and get whatever suits your fantasy.

My pick would be BG JOKER or BIG ANT or POORANT or DEAD ANT or UBERGOR
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There was this jack ass with an over inflated ego that hung out at the same bar as me that had a vanity plate on his BMW. The Plate read
"ViNCSBM". One day when I had enough of his jaw jacking about how great he was I asked him about the plate. "My name is Vince and its a Beemer?"he said in that duh stupid tone of voice people use when pointing out the obvious. "Oh, wow because most people know that BM is short for bowel movement. I thought you were a proctologist or you thought the car was a piece of sh*t. A few months later I noticed he replaced it with a regular plate.