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I think Uber needs to lift it’s game, Swan Taxi is catching up fast...

Discussion in 'Perth' started by SHARERIDER, Jul 13, 2018.



    When Uber launched it had three advantages over Taxi, price,
    convenience and service. I downloaded the Swan Taxi app and I have to say I was impressed, I did this to check price comparison.

    We really only have one advantage now over Taxi that’s price, their app is as good as Uber in fact in some ways better, you can pre-book XL for a specific pick up time and even choose how many seats up to 10. You can’t pre-book XL on Uber. There service is improving, and they are getting a leg up by the State Government by not allowing Rideshare into the Stadium.

    Uber lobbied the Government and used its customers and drivers to put pressure on the Barnett Goverment to legalise Rideshare. Uber is being a big pusssy over the stadium sarga. It needs to get in there and use its big customer base and driver base to put pressure on this government.

    Uber needs to advertise the fact that we are 40% cheaper than a Taxi. The slogan “40% cheaper than Taxi” should be plastered everywhere putting swan back into the dog box. XL is 30% cheaper than the Swan equivalent.
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  2. Board


    Hahaha, Drivers are getting ripped off and the better drivers that understand English well. Drive for Taxi now days.
    Customers are moving away from rideshare now.
    Its becoming the better service. Rideshare has just be used to clean it up. No money in it
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  3. I'll fall asleep waiting in line behind a thousand taxi waiting for an hour for 1 ride. For people that don't mind sitting on their ass 99% of the time and driving only 1% of the time taxi are a great option with better earnings than Uber only if you have ur own taxi and lease plates. Otherwise you make less than rideshare since you are paying a big percentage of ur earnings to the guy lending you the taxi for the day.

    It a completely different game too because you be fighting boredom from all that down time in ranks. Going through at least a tissue box a shift and it a shift. It has potential to earn more but people are kidding themselves to think it is "easy" it actually ten times more stressful because you are now dealing with drunks/druggies with cash and you got cash on you too. Getting paid takes a back seat from "getting robbed" and injured.

    All of that and more for that extra 20-40% "income" if you operate ur own taxi and same money if you do not. With taxi it always better to be the guy providing the taxi to drivers than been the driver on the front line with a tissue box in hand. People that can't cut it in Rideshare will get murdered in taxi industry. It not easier work it not less stressful work it not safer work and it certainly not more fun. It everything rideshare multiplied.

    The perk i guess "if you into it" as 9 out of 10 taxi drivers are taxi drivers because they are... Girls got an option to pay without cash. And the girls know that too which is basically ingrained for the past few decades. With rideshare they are usually "too shy". People that into drunk woman best industry. When i'm out on the road i'm not looking for booty so... Rideshare for me still.
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    Lol, always booty and strippers on the brain hahaha. Get a laugh out of it though.
    There are 3 Taxi companies in WA. One is owned by Singapore.
    They are they poor buggers sitting in lines. The other two usually are aloud to keep there regular customers and give there number out.
    I've actually had the night out. Requested my ride from James street. Bottle necked at the time.
    Thought ok, which rideshare is going to pick me up. No surge at the time as i worked both apps. So took 20 mins to actually get to me.
    Get in, speak to the bloke. Hardly understood English, 2 weeks on the job.
    Had to tell the bloke, why did you even bother??
    People like you just seem to ruin it for the rest of us, with not thinking. Do you get payed for being stuck in traffic? Ummm answer, nope.
    To many drivers, just don't think about things.
    Even had to ask, how do you get on with surges? Do you go after them if your close. Yep
    So ya switch ya app off on the way? Umm, nope.
    Still left an extra $20 on his seat getting out.
  5. DA08


    Lol lol lol

    Just because they have a good up doesn't mean thwy caching up... Also you work 12hrs shifts qith taxi .. Half of the shift will be dead, still pay full rental for the car+ plates and can't go home. Before finishing the shift.. As Immoralized said dealing with cash and drunks and druggies... Good luck driving taxi...
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  6. Nothing wrong with a stripper every now and again... I'm helping them through nursing school ;) at least that what they tell me.
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    That's true, got to support those poor girls somehow. Lol
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  8. i just drove one of them she a real looker too and in fact she does do nursing in school work in a cafe as well as well as you know ;) She didn't just have double desires she had at least 2E. Which probably gave her a scholarship at her workplace.

    She was a fun kid but the real confident lookers always sit in the front since they like guy attention. Shy non lookers and not confident sit in the back. Hookers/Escorts ect. Some of them are lookers but not confident.

    Already got a bombshell misses so always just play and she pretty understanding. Sunday slower than saturday but not dead like it was friday. You find yourself another job yet?

    Those poor girls are making around $1500 a day over the week and over $2000 grand per night weekends.

    Back to work got that front bumper that going to get worked on Monday/Tuesday from the tow truck guy he agreed after a month to pay $430 out of $745. I wanted to go to court but doing the math... I"m going to lose more than a day so I'll just cover the difference. It pretty screwed up anyways since i'm spending $$ on a car i'm retiring in the next 3-6 months.

    But i need to keep it until 2019 July to claim full tax benefits before selling it. It been pretty awesome car and reliable.
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  9. Board


    Yeah i was out last night, this morning as well.
    Busy because of the world cup Soccer, but then this is the 1st Sunday, Monday morning I've worked in month's as i had Saturday night off.
    I was completely shocked how many rideshare driver around. Just way to many.
    I also got the feeling alot of new ones. The reason it's not surging anymore eirly in the morning during FIFO get me to the airport my driver.
    The smart driver's, switch off and get out the distance before switching back on.
    Every driver, now leaves there Apps online as they are driving out, not smart.
    But ya cant beat the new smart ones lol.
    Caught a good one from coggee in the end though. 2.4 to the airport.
    Figured all the new drivers, would just keep there apps on driving out. So i did the reverse, set my designation to Freo. Got a cust going to Freo to work, not far from the airport.
    Switched off, drove to ham hill and just waited it out
    Fin the morning with a bang. Gotta love those switched on new blokes some times lol.
  10. in several parts of the world there have been instances where people driving cars have deliberately run people down at public gatherings. It is the opinion and practice of many venue operators to keep as many cars as possible away from venues such as sports stadiums and concerts. Also with the increases of road congestion many governments prefer to have public transport a priority in removing people from venues.
  11. Board


    There's alot on this forum that seem to think being able to pick up from the new stadium would be awsome lol.
    I could just imagine it, 60 thousand from the stadium can not be bothered getting on the train or bus. All request a single rideshare car, even divide that by 3.
    20,000 Uber cars on there way hahaha.
    Stuck in traffic trying to get there to make $5 to $70 max.
    I'd love it, more money in my pocket not going anywhere near it
  12. I ignore a lot of stadium request as it too hectic even when it not been used for games/concerts.
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    Yeah... but...... 20,000 requests means 10x surge makes it worth dealing with traffic, take them around the corner for $50, get a reasonable trip $100.

    Hey Puss I can’t remember the thread we were talking about annual inspection and how I never did one yet managed to get my Omnibus License. I called DOT direct yesterday about my License renewal and the bloke said just a minute while I check your vehicle details because he was checking all my contact info was up todate he said your vehicle hasn’t had its annual inspection, he said you better get that done it was due in June. So it looks like the glitch caught up with me.
  14. Board


    Yeah one hour to get there, 45mins to get to the Casino because his princess can't walk.
    30 mins then on top of that to get a distance away from the other cars. Just killing the pig
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  15. already told you all cars require inspection at least once a year. Pretty much the same thing with my rego renewal for one car it didn't update on their system but i paid the $$ and they were going to fine me for operating a car unlicensed. They don't apologize and they don't care and it always the drivers fault.
  16. Coca-Cola


    Hey Board,

    Are you looking for a job?
    This job suits you as you love to work late night shift.
    Shift normally starts from 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and finish 4am, 5am, 6am.
    Easy job, relaxing environment, mature age Ok.
    You don't need to know the games, they will train you.
    They pay $28 an hour. Sat pays $42, Sun pays $56 an hour, last time I asked a dealer.
    Entry level job. Customer service is all they required.

    I was a Table Games Dealer at Auckland (NZ) and Adelaide Casinos. I stopped because I couldn't sleep during daylight hour.

    Anyone else interest in night shift work should apply. They accept mature age applicants too.

    Don't waist time with Uber mate.
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    Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application and have working rights in Australia.

    Successful candidates will be required to provide a National Police Clearance, obtain a Casino License from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and complete a pre-employment medical assessment.

    If you are looking to expand your skills set and would like to be part of our established team, apply today!

    Applications must be submitted by COB Friday 27th July 2018.

    As part of Crown’s workplace inclusion and diversity strategy, we strongly encourage applications across all cultural backgrounds, genders and abilities.

    Primary Location
    : Perth
    Position Status: Part Time

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  17. Working at the casino now huh coke man :)
  18. Coca-Cola


    No mate. I could have if I wanted to as I am an experienced dealer but don't want to do over night shifts again, just couldn't sleep properly during the day, my health was slowly detearorating over time.

    Still driving for Uber but took three months off to prepare myself for an exit.

    I only drive when I need the cash flow.
  19. three month in thailand? ;)
  20. Coca-Cola


    Haha! I wish. Those Thai girls love me long time.

    No mate, took time off to get back into shape. Going to the gym everyday.
    Most jobs require high level of fitness.
    Spent all these time looking and applying for a real job. No luck thus far.

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