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That is so great! I used to daytrade tech stocks between projects back before 9/11 when there were decent analysts at Wit Capital doing to influencing. I am going to dabble a bit with the EIDL and PUA funds. Plus I just applied for a PPP so that will be another small slush fund to play with. I am making more sitting home than ubering with cheap rides through sanctuary city territories.


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My last ride given was sometime within the last week of March... I've been collecting Corona-Bux and other tendies since. Hell, I even secured 6 months worth of income trading the markets so it's very unlikely I'll be driving again any time soon.

Rideshare was okay while it lasted but the covid-19/race riots sandwich make doing this no longer feasible; if the corona doesn't get you first then being the wrong skin color could get you dragged out of your car and beaten to death by a mob in broad daylight. Keep in mind, both Uber and Lyft have made it explicitly clear that they support these mobs 100% for PR points, your car and personal safety be damned. They are even issuing FREE RIDES to the NGOs responsible for organizing the riots, but you will certainly not be compensated if you are ambushed and lynched on the spot by one of their mobs.

Night time driving used to be my bread and butter doing this gig but it's no longer possible with all the curfews here and there AND the added danger of being preyed upon on by mobs. I feel for those of you still out there driving amidst all this while I lack for nothing... but you'all should've been preparing for the worse while the times were still good.
CONGRATS!! Did you make your huge stock profits based on the hot tips you read here on UP?


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Actually I am Castizo, but to you I may as well be a 'racist white' since not even Cervantez could go unscathed; point is having vaguely European features and light enough skin can put your life in danger among the wrong crowd now. They also seem to think Jews are white too.

Furthermore, my very BLACK wife also insists I don't return to driving unless I really need to until this all blows over (probably after elections); she knows exactly how dangerous they are considering she's survived multiple gang shootings in a lifetime. One of her former associates even carried his dead girlfriend in the trunk of his car for two weeks before being found out. Thanks to all that and these recent riots she's become immune to leftist propaganda by this point; as of course the answer to all these problems is always 'go out and there and vote Democrat', never mind all the areas where these problems are occurring at their worst are already BLUE AF.

Meanwhile, my ginger head boomer aunt; self-proclaimed atheist, second wave feminist, bleeding heart liberal, etc. — who stays with a white man, nowhere near a hood on a safe isolated 20 acres at a hill — perfectly regurgitates all the lefty and BLM talking points such as 'systemic racism' as has been force fed to her by the sources of information she trusts, namely the radio and TV her boomer generation grew up with.
Doesn't matter who you are or who you are married to, if you say or think racist things then you're being racist.

If you are Castizo then you should understand that both hispanics of European ancestry and Jews as well as Arabs, Berbers, Persians and Turks are all considered to be "white" by the US government. Not a difficult concept to understand but you seem to disagree with the idea of considering Jews to be white? Why is that? More racism?

As for your "very black wife", saying something like this shows you to be at least ignorant and does nothing to "prove" you're not racist. Your own thoughts and actions define you, not a relationship to a single individual. As for your wife's opinions, she does not speak for anyone other than herself, and she seems just as paranoid and neurotic as you do.

Like I said, continue on in your paranoia and feeling sorry for yourself and imagining that you are under threat for being white.

Now you know what it has felt like in America and the rest of the world like for anyone who isn't white and Christian, except they have ACTUALLY been lynched, murdered, raped, robbed, and enslaved by white Christians for hundreds of years, unlike your "Castizo" ass who is absolutely not going to be raped or murdered for driving down the street as a white person.
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