I think I was followed home.


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Since it is kind of known that taxi drivers are a bit upset about Uber drivers. It kind of concerned me when I parked for the night that a taxi should drive past my house. It is a quite area and a dead end street not a cut through to anywhere. There are only a handful of homes there and one is even empty. Has anyone else noticed a taxi following them? Lucky for me my next door neighbour has all sorts of surveillance cameras. Guess I will have to setup my surveillance grid tomorrow. Anyone else have the feeling someone followed you home after driving for Uber?


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Never. I think the taxi drivers feel sorry for us. Never had any problems with any of them, except some are bad drivers. Still better than Uber drivers tho!


I've gotten dirty looks from cabbies when they see me pick up people at hot spots... The Gentlemen's Club.. stuff like that where they line up. Never violent. More annoyed if anything. Be careful though