I Should Have Listened To You Guys

Arrived at pax pin and waited almost 4 minutes before he exited the building. As soon as he gets in the car he tells me, hurry, hurry! I'm on a schedule, get moving now! I give him a big broad grin and tell him I'll do the best I can. Drive the speed limit throughout the trip. At the end I give him another big broad grin and tell him thank you and all the best to you! Then I one star him and report to Lyft that pax was asking me to break the law. Never got a retaliatory rating!


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got a ping 10 min away, then I get a text from PAX that they are trying to make a train and that I must hurry. I pull over and find the cancel button and poof like magic - they miss their train ride for being a paxhole. If there is a problem before the ride starts, you have to know the ride will not be a good one.
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