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I picked up the wrong pax *college kids*


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I picked up a group of college students where the pin was exactly located lastnight. They had the same name as the person who requested it. It was someone they knew. A couple minutes down the road the real person calls and asks if I picked up a group of people and I said yes... I assume they had a feud with the girl... than the people in my car left and one girl stayed and begged for me to drive her until I said yes..


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You did NOT pick up the wrong passenger. This whole notion of AccountHolder <> PersonInCar is an unresolved issue, and a known scam that pax use to avoid the fare after the fact.

If AccountHolder entered a destination, then I would proceed to the destination anyway regardless of call/text/etc.. That is defensible.

If no destination was entered, then immediately end the trip upon the AccountHolder call and eject PersonInCar at the first safe opportunity.

ATX 22

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They both had the same names
I repeat my question to Nick. Did you ask their name, or did you ask,"are you (insert name here)?"
Did you have anyone verify your name?
I don't ask their name around campus, I make them tell me my name. They have my picture to double verify, so I haven't had an issue with getting the wrong pax.
A couple of weeks ago, I pulled up to a downtown restaurant. 3 guys hopped in the car. I knew these guys weren't my pax, because pax was female. I said, "I think you guys have the wrong Uber." They said, "isn't this a Honda Accord? "
"Yes, it is, but what's your driver's name?"
"Toddal" was the response.
"Well, I'm ATX 22, and I'm here for Ashley. Sorry, but you guys are going to have to get out."
Ashley finally showed up as they were exiting the car. I would've rather taken the guys, because they were toes on curb ready to go, unlike Ashley and her girlfriends.

Obviously not the real names.

Bart McCoy

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Yeah seems like a better idea asking them to verify my name!
did you ever answer clearly how you 'verified' the pick up?
the chances of you picking up the wrong person with the same name AND they have no issue with the destination in your phone is slim to none


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how is this a scam
  • PersonA has the phone and the Uberlyft account, and will summon a driver.
  • PersonB will get in the car with PersonA's blessing. PersonA stays behind, probably unseen by the driver.
  • After the ride is completed, PersonA complains to Uberlyft about how the driver picked up the wrong passenger, and invites Uberlyft to check PersonA's GPS data to prove it.
  • FREE RIDE! (And a ding on the driver's record for "Picked Up Wrong Passenger.")

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