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I offer mints


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I have starburst (red and pink only) I have found maybe two wrappers in the last four months. Both times were with children.


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I don’t offer, but I have gum, lots of gum. When they are on a Lux & up or Select and up if requested, they will get it. If XL naw man, sorry even while on surge as those are the only XL’s I take


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Easiest solution if you want to offer gum or mints is just buy the kind that doesn't come with wrappers and just let everyone dig their grubby hands in the container if they want some that bad. Doing it this way I only spend $3.00 per year on gum for pax...


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And would you believe 3 out of every four passengers leave the wrapper on the seat or floor. 1 star passholes
There’s a reason price correlates with service quality. If drivers keep providing private client quality service for the price of a bus fare, why the hell would they ever increase the price?

What will you do if Uber increases the rates to 3$ a mile tomorrow, take care of pax kids until they graduate college??


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That's the problem: mints. You offer them cheap low-class mints, and that's how they behave!
Try offering a selection of DeLafée chocolate truffles! :biggrin:

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I buy bulk mints, they cost me $20/year.
Once a week I find the wrapper on the ground or in the door pocket.