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I need a Pay Stub


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Hi all. I am new to the forums. I have tried emailing Uber without any real help or answers. I am trying to get into a school. They offer financial Aid. The only thing they need to see if something from Uber to get that all squared away. I have printed my hours ( like the people at Uber suggested I do) but the administrations at the school need more than just showing what I made and hours. They need a year to date statement. Anyone ever have this problem or need to have something more solid to prove you work for Uber? What did you do?
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Amsoil Uber Connect

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Tell them 1099's are not issued til late Jan. and you can show for are the weekly emails showing you were paid with your bank statement. Or click on the 365 day for your ratings, however that amount is Gross earnings.


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Thank you Amsoil for your reply. Yeah, I guess I will have to tell them about the 1099.


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Keep in mind that you don't work for Uber but are classified as an independent contractor