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Hi guys my name is Sean and I'm new in here..
I have to ask a couple of questions. .

There's one guy wanted me to fork for him as a Uber Black driver. He's got the Car already and commercial insurance etc.
Another thing's he couldn't apply for Uber Partner cuz they don't accept in Philadelphia anymore.
My question is this guy gave his car to another limo company which has got cars for Uber.
And I am the only driver. And he wants me to drive and he wants to charge money from my income ?
Like after insurance(weekly like 250$), Gas etc.

Please right down for me what I supposed to do ? I wanna work everyday 8-10 hours.
What I supposed to pay for these guys and an example If I got 1000$ in week (just an example) how much needs to be my own money in States I mean in Philly area ?

Thanks and Regards !