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I made 2 drops at Newark airport this week and never got a ping?


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I have got one every time but with Lyft I got one from Newark Marriott and it took me to nyc Sunday

However I needed to go to city so it was fine and only reason I took it. Uber has been fast for me I even cancelled and got another one. Maybe depends on time of day?


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I did my first drop there last night (ride from Philly). I was going to set my DF to Trenton and before I could I got an immediate ping in Terminal C.


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I guess I have been lucky because every time I have a drop off, I have gotten a rematch on Lyft and Uber at all different times of day.


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Most of the time ill get a rematch, unless it's really early in the morning like 6am which not many flights are coming in at that time.


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Which days of the week and times are you experiencing this? On FUber I dropped off almost every morning and got a rematch every time, as early as 4:45am. However, I'm 0 for 2 on Lyft so far.


I never had a problem until this week. Had 4 early morning rides to EWR & didn't get a rematch. Yesterday I decided to wait in the hold lot & after a 2 hour wait was told to head to the terminals only to be told that there were no requests & to go back to the hold lot.


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I dropped off at EWR this morning around 5am and got an immediate rematch going back towards home. I then dropped off another pax at EWR around 6:30am but got no rematch. I watched the Queue lot fluctuate up & down in the meantime so it was obvious they were pulling from it but ignoring me so I left after approx. 15 minutes. Not worth my time hanging around there anymore, and I will never sit in that lot...


Exact same thing happened to me--dropped off, got a rematch, and found they were going to the Marriott near World Trade Center. And because of the supposed distance, it didn't pop up as a Long Trip. Took me over an hour to get in through the Holland Tunnel and deal with traffic. At least the ride back to NJ was relatively quick and no tolls.

I would be happy to drive people home from the airport pretty much anywhere in NJ, but hate going into NYC for these trips. At least NYC destinations should flag the Long Trip notification.


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I think NYC destinations should be their own toggleable trip category, similar to Deliveries. There are times when I might not want NYC trips, and other times where I want only NYC trips, such as when I need to go there anyway and don't want to pay the toll out of pocket.

However we all know who Uber would rather make the passengers wait two minutes less, even if it means sending a driver an hour out of his way with an empty trip back.

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