I know it's WEDS, but this was my morning...


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I had a bad tuesday night. it was going well and I ended up in Pasadena near a surge, chased it, went away, and then took a few shorties back to towards home before dead miling it back to simi from burbank :frown:


I was ignoring all pool and then I got a pin request but it was weird cuz it didn't show anything like uber x or xl or pool so I took it and when I check to see who i was going to pick up it said verified 1 +1 and under that it said pool, so uber is trying so hard for us to take every pool
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I tried accepting a couple of those, I set up my dash cams and put my kids remote control fart machine under the back seat, I was hoping to get some funny video for my kids.

The poopax cancelled each time. Im guessing after I accept they see the 20-24 minute wait and then cancel.
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