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I joined the 2 Star Club


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Nope. I had two 1-star ratings before I got my coveted 2-star. I can’t even think of which rides any of them would have been. I did just pick up my 200th 5-star a few minutes ago.



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Any justified reason for it that you can think of?
Not really. Saturday night I picked up a group from Michigan and I had my Ohio State shirt on. They were typical Michigan fans that hated Ohio State. Sunday night I picked up a couple from a restaurant, she proceeded to break up with him in the back seat of my car as we approached their hotel. Not sure how that was going to work out she left him standing in the parking lot and she took off in another Uber/Lyft car that was waiting there. He was the one that ordered ride. Guess it could have been either one of them taking it out on me. Other than that no clue. All my other rides seemed to go real well. Even looking back farther, nothing sticks out as a bad trip.

Matt Uterak

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I got a series of 4 and 3 stars the last time I quit (10 of each) I was pretty surly with the pax not being considerate or other bad behaviour.

Now I’m driving in a different area and it is all 5 stars and surprisingly good behaviour from The pax.