I have a 2001 Buick Lesabre

Darren Robinson

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I haven't had any issues driving yet. This past weekend, I had successful pickups in NJ and Philadelphia. Is anyone having issues with older vehicles? I received an email stating that I may, by the end of October, be ineligible to ride share in Philadelphia and was thinking of heading to north Jersey to continue driving for Uber.
Does anyone feel that this legislation borders gentrification?


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The car is in perfect condition and is a good ridesharing vehicle.

I've got a 2003, cleaner than some of these newer cars I've seen in the phl lot :wink:, but yea i got an email saying basically I can drive till that legislation passes, than I either have to lease, or get a newer car. Sp yea, I'm counting on not doing this after mid October this year, their suppossed to vote on these laws and w/e in mid October


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wow 16 y/o car...hope i am not paying a 3+ surge on a sat night....

15 years old technically, and think of it as a balancing act. You get an older car on sat night, but pay 2.50 or less to take an uber pool in a 2014 ford focus, some poor guy is beating into the ground, to make the same as the guy with the 2001


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Uber now has a 15 year rolling model in most markets and a 10 year rolling model in some markets. The concern I would have is the mileage. I started ridesharing last year and I already have 53,000 miles on my 2014. By 2024 I could have over 500,000 on this car...can I still drive with Uber?

  • Atlanta – 2005 or newer
  • Boston – 2001 or newer
  • Chicago – 2001 or newer
  • DC: 2005 or newer
  • Denver – 2001 or newer
  • Dallas – 2003 or newer
  • Milwaukee – 2001 or newer
  • Nashville – 2001 or newer
  • New York City: 2010 or Newer
  • Philadelphia – 2000 or newer (could be 2001 or newer but not updated yet on Uber)
  • Pittsburgh – 2006 or newer (hybrids 2004 or newer)
  • LA/OC/SD and SF – 2001 or newer