I have 5 more trips to get...

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5 more trips for $15 extra.. is it worth it?

Agent Sleep

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The whole quest was not worth it.
Finishing the remaning quests make you a great ant always. But finish it anyways since you started

Don't be sad. I am pretty sure you made a lot of $ doing 50 trips
Shhh... a lot? I mean enough to pay the bills.. sure :cool:

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40 for 40, that's nasty. You must do them all the time if they are giving you crap like that. I guess now days with no AR requirements you can hit those with more quality surge/boost rides.
Not really.. these were my previous quests..

Edit: they were 20 trips for $22..


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Better do it now and get over it will not ping later on. I did 59 out of 60 and 58 out out of 60. I had 6 hours to do 10 in slow thursday night and 5 to go in dead sunday night. FAIL