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I hate picking up food from McDonald's

Discussion in 'UberEATS' started by feinburg, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. feinburg


    Atlanta, GA
    I'm here in Atlanta around 1pm. I get a pick up order from McDonald's and it's a 1.3 surge. I wait 10 minutes in the drive thru. I had to wait at those parking spot to get order. 20 minutes later and nothing. I drive around the drive thru and had to ask for my order. Mostly they forgot. They really need to fix this system. Waiting 45 minutes for my order is unexpected. I wish drivers have more power over this because as an independent contractor, I should have more power over what they do to me with waiting.
  2. You do. You can cancel and leave. You can also not accept the request in the first place.
  3. feinburg


    Atlanta, GA
    You can't see the location before accepting the request. Plus, them forgotting the food is on them.
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  4. You can see the map in the request. You learn to spot the McDonald’s.

    If you accept one by accident you can immediately cancel.

    If you go to one because you’re feeling generous and you sit there because they forgot the order, sure, it’s “on them” but you’re the one suffering for it. If you don’t want to wait at 8.5 cents a minute or whatever it is, cancel and leave.
  5. feinburg


    Atlanta, GA
    Lol funny. Once you start taking orders, after a few hours uber will take you in a location that you don't know too much of. Also the whole point of not showing the location is to not feline orders from McDonald's or any crappy cheap restaurant. Most likely a Uber will change this if a lawsuit come about being a independent contractor has the right to know which restaurant we are going to before accepting.
  6. Literally the only difference between declining a request and accepting it then immediately canceling is that canceling takes a little longer. You DO know the restaurant before accepting, for all practical purposes.

    What we don’t know, and they really need to tell us, is the customer’s location.
  7. Atomic Blonde is right. If you can go inside the McDs, I would. That way it's hard to forget my order since I stand directly in the Uber pickup area and I never sit down. Lol. Never. If that 5min marker is approaching, its best practice to inquire about the order.

    I sometimes ask if I'm waiting on fries (so you dont come off as someone who doesnt understand they have alot of tasks to manage) or how much longer will it be (when you want to be more direct).

    If you accept a McDs order and you don't want to do it, cancel immediately. If you get there and change your mind after 5 mins cancel. If it's during a 1pm lunch rush and they are not moving like a well oiled machine, cancel. Dont wait 45mins for any delivery order, your time is more valuable than any tip you're likely to receive especially on a McDs trip.
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  8. dgates01


    It's 1 p.m. and you're going through the drive-thru?? You only do that when the lobby is closed at night. Stop being lazy. Get out of your car, get your food and go.
  9. Sammi Kurr

    Sammi Kurr

    Los Angeles, Boston
    Just accept the order as soon as you get there so you are not wasting your time and are getting paid. It is a BIG prob so don't pay for it with your time. It's not a problem for them because in their eyes, your the a**hole waiting there. Its like asking Why did the chicken cross the road? But you can always go inside...... There are McD's that I avaid because they are so Ghetto and unorganized. There are like 8 people on the line and about 6 up front and drive thru.... Still waiting 10 min for my order plus it took 10 min to get there/park/walk inside.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2018
  10. Teksaz


    Lol WooHoo you made $3.00 dollars with no tip for that hour. You're killing it lol
    You're exactly the kind of driver Goober wants.
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  11. amazinghl


    Please pickup more McD so I don't have to.
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  12. Joe Dow

    Joe Dow

    I hate you all Senior Drivers.

    Just advise the New Member in simplest words;

    McD = CXL before picking Ping
    McD = CXL after Picking Ping
    McD = CXL after arriving at Restaurant
    McD = CXL if "Guaranteed Earnings"
    McD = Stop Doing UEats

    Thank You ! :)
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  13. Elffriend


    I have to agree with never using the drive thru unless it is late at night. If you are standing inside at the counter watching them work they won't "forget."
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  14. amazinghl


    Easier just to forget McD all together and skip the headaches.
  15. dgates01


    And not only that, the guy kept going BACK through the drive-through to check up on the order. It's as if he was INTENT on making it as difficult as possible.

    Some driver's issues are sometimes self inflicted.
  16. Sorien


    Portland, OR
    I don't understand this thread. I've NEVER had an issue with any mcd's pickups. In fact my last run tonight was a mcd's $12 guarantee.
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  17. Joesmith2012


    I love McDonald's, it makes all the sucker new drivers sit there and wait while I go do all the fun deliveries. Well I shouldnt brag that much about it because I was one of those suckers when I first started, wastes so much time and money as a new driver
  18. dlearl476


    I only do deliveries from 2 McDs. One runs like clockwork. I always go inside because there always at least 5 cars in the drive up. They generally have my order ready between 1-2 minutes of getting there and always offer me a drink. If I gave it up, I'd love 25% of my trips. The other one is always at least $6 gaurantee because of the distance.
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  19. It says to go to whichever looks faster. So if the drive thru line is long, go inside. If there’s no one at the drive thru you are allowed to use the drive thru. Doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is.
  20. The difference between you and drivers that continues to sit waiting at a McD’s is you learn from your mistakes, most Uber eats drivers DON’T have the mental capacity to just cancel.

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