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I had my craziest rider ever last night!

Discussion in 'Stories' started by SadUber, Oct 8, 2017.

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    I had my craziest rider ever, and it wasn't even an Uber passenger!

    Last night I received a ping to pick up a passenger named Taylor. Shortly after driving towards picking her up, she called me impatiently asking where I was. I assured her I was on my way. 2 minutes later, and Taylor called me again and impatiently asked where I was.

    As I was driving down a dark Street, I saw something that looked like a large animal crawling through the street. I slowed down and it was a young woman dressed up like Harley Quinn (costume party?), Joker's girlfriend! This disturbed woman was crawling on her hands and knees through the street sobbing uncontrollably. I rolled down my window and asked her what the problem was. "I am drunk and I don't know how to get home" she bawled.

    "Well get in the car, I'll get you home" I told her. I tried to ask her where her home was, and she did not seem to remember exactly where. "I guess you will have to ride with me after I pick up Taylor," I told her.

    Suddenly, Taylor called again and now sounded very irate. At this time I was thinking it might not be a good idea to bring her in with this disturbed woman with the clown face paint.

    I began trying to talk with Anna Lee again about the location of her home. As soon as she stopped her sobbing, she immediately began trying to put her hands on my crotch! Repeatedly, I would push her hands away from me, and then she would apologize pathetically saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I made you uncomfortable."

    Once again, Taylor called. If she was angry the last time, what would she be like this time? I began to panic because I did not want to answer that call. "Please! Can you answer that for me" I begged Annalee. Unfortunately, she would not do me the favor and take the call for me. So with much dread I answered the phone and apologized to Taylor once again. I ensured her I would even drive her to her destination for free, but that did not seem to soften her anger.

    To be honest, I wanted to cancel, but my cancellation rate is at 29%, and I heard you get deactivated if it gets to 30%.

    As I continued to drive this insane woman through the streets, she would constantly shift from trying to touch me between the legs, to apologizing, to sobbing again. " I really want to do something for you" she said.

    I asked her what she would be willing to do for me and she told me that she had very few limitations. Finally, I asked her if she would be willing to hide in my trunk on Halloween night to try to scare people sitting in the backseat. She said it would be shortly after her wedding (shocker, I know) but she would love to do it! I got her phone number and made her make a promise to do the pop-up Uber for me.

    When I finally dropped her off at her home, there were two female roommates sitting outside on the front step. I was expecting them to give me a big thanks for driving her home, but instead they gave me an angry suspicious stare, as if questioning what business I had with their fragile friend.

    Anna Lee ran out of the car and began hugging one of her friends and once again broke into uncontrollable sobbing. It felt so good to drive away!

    Although I finally got somebody to take a role for me and Halloween, there's no way I want to get stuck with this crazy woman again. Got to keep on looking I guess.

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  2. sellkatsell44

    sellkatsell44 Moderator

    Dash cam?
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  4. Trafficat

    Trafficat Moderator

    Reno, NV
    29% is really high for a cancellation rate. I would try and get that lower. I heard 10% was danger zone but maybe it depends where you are.
  5. Serious? Looks like it's down to 25% now.
  6. I don't think so. I'm usually up in the 20's.
    Of course it resets every week, so not sure what the danger zone is currently. I've never received a warning.
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  7. Grahamcracker

    Grahamcracker Moderator

    Colorful Colorado Springs
  8. keb


    Sunshine State
    You really need to get a dashcam
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  9. FrostyAZ


    So, you're giving your sister free rides now? Hope you're invited to the wedding!

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  10. Did you ever pick up Taylor?
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  11. No, she finally cancelled and it went on to Ken.
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  12. canyon


    First of all you shouldn't of picked her up while going to pick up a customer. What is wrong with you? You seem off. SadUber you need a shrink and maybe some meds.
  13. She was crawling through dark streets crying. Should I have just left her there?
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  14. Steubie


    This dude is a legend...you should of knocked it down. Stop running from the poootang man lol
  15. When I went to bed, I was thinking to myself that I probably had a chance at getting lucky last night. But then I remembered the accusing looking eyes of her friends, and I'm kind of glad I didn't go for it.
  16. Why, i think its admirable.

    No, you did good. She's not going to ride arpund in your trunk though, you know that right?

    There's no magic #, you'll get a few warnings first anyway. I cancels 4 ladt night.
  17. No way, She's way too crazy!
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  18. My % will hit abput 40 if I dont do anyrides tonight or tomorrow
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  19. John Campbell

    John Campbell

    Chicago illinois
    A dash cam wouldn't help. Saduber would just video the actresses just like he is recording their audio now.

    For me the biggest unanswered question is whether these girls are hot.
  20. I was on my way home a few weeks ago, 230am, maybe 3. I saw a young barely dressed girl walking very slowly down the side of the main blvd here. She was at the base of a bridge, would of taken her an hour at her place just to get over the bridge. I made a u turn and headed back. I asked if she was okay, she was crying, i couldn't understand her. I asked if she needed a ride, she asked if I was goung to kill her..lol. I told her no, to get in the back and I'll drive her home. She was hammered, i guess her friends left her, she lost her phone, no money.

    It was like 8 miles to her house. She'd of never made it. Sometimes we need to remember we are human.

    Did you ever find put why the chick was in a costume?

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