I guess Hell is gonna feeeze over...


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I know, right? I was stunned. And delighted! Wonder how they arrived at the arbitrary amounts? (mine was similar but different than yours)

I'm guessing they're referring to Thursday night when I didn't get a ping for 3 hours even though I was in and out of yellow, orange, and surge zones. Clearwater Beach was surging at 3.5X that night (that NEVER happens on a week night any more) despite there being upwards of 20 idle drivers in the area. I figured something was wrong, and I went home.


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I received a little $. But the problem was with their app all last week. Not just a day or two, but 7 days for me.

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I only do Uber Select and Lyft. So while the app was down i was doing Lyft so they paid me extra to drive for their competition lol.


I hadn't driven in 2 weeks. Just logged in to give one ride on Thurs before heading out of town on vaca... However, they are crediting me $41.52
Not complaint here!


I have no clue how they figured it... I was literally online for 30-min. I was going to the post office and remembered that I needed to get a ride in before leaving town so I could keep my account active. Turned it on and got a ping right away on my street (almost never happens)... Guess my timing was perfect for once! Lol



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I wonder if it was for those "in trips" at the time of the crash? I know I was online wed and thurs fr 5-6 hours each day, I got 1 ping wed, and 2 pings thurs(one was as soon as I got back on the network from the crash), 15 bucks for 10+ hours sitting around.
When are you Uber drivers going to realize that the only one making money is Uber!