I got my dad's account deactivated : (


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Few months ago my dad was looking for a part time job and I told him to do UberEats few hours a day. I signed him up and even gave half of my $300 referral. Since he didn't have a smart phone, I let him use mine. One day, he decided he wanted to show off his new glasses and uploaded a new profile picture with his glasses. Weirdly Uber let him slide that day. When I took my phone back and logged in to do my deliveries it asked me to upload a new photo. I thought it was for me and I uploaded a newer photo of me. Then I realized it was his account, so I logged off and logged back in with mine. The following day when he tried to login it told him to contact Uber Support. He didn't bother to tell me, he just never did UberEats after that. He told me to look up whats with my account since he decided to get back. I just checked his e-mail, and there was an e-mail from Uber to upload a new profile photo and the following day Uber again sent an e-mail saying his account has been deactivated.

My question is, is his account done for ? Or can I still get his account activated once again ? No reply from Uber. :frown: