I gave a new life to an old jukebox


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I found and bought an old iJuke jukebox by Crosley. I liked the design and price was good so I bought it. All functions worked as designed, but I wanted more than the outdated iPod/iPhone connection and an AUX in.


My original plan was just to put a car stereo head-unit in the box and upgrade the power supply but during my research, I came across MP3 decoders that accept USB/micros SD card and play MP3 and FM radio. They are small in size and cheap! So I thought, why not buy one and give it a try. The decoder uses 5 volt, same as the iPod/iPhone connection, the same connection also provided ground/right speaker/left speaker. I made brackets to mount the decoder, soldered all 10 wires to their counter part, and also kept the remote receptor and soldered the 3 wires to it so I can keep the remote to control volume.

I plugged the finished product in and it worked! I gave an old jukebox a new life.



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That’s really cool. At a thrift store, I found a 1950s Elvis Jukebox bank that still works for $6. I found one similar on EBay for much more.

Put this on Ebay or Craigslist.