I found a unicorn last night, and I rode it


After getting all X rides throughout the day, and not much XL, the evening falls, and I head to edge of 1.4 boost zone and turn to only XL mode not expecting much, and giving me some time to take a much needed nap. 10 minutes later, I get a long distance XL request at 1.4 boost, where is this going? I wake up and quickly hit accept. 2 dudes going to Long island with a pit stop in Brooklyn. Wow this can't be real. Some younger business guys from out of town getting some Sunday partying in and didn't feel like taking the train back. They were cool, easy going ride to Brooklyn then to Long island. Was over $300 not including tolls. I don't do many long rides, but I was fortunate on this one yesterday. Had DF on way back, no rides, deadheading back was kind of lame lol, but still worth it, made it back just in time for a couple quick bar close rides in CC.

Hans GrUber

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How much did uber charge the pax?

1.4 doesn't count as unicorn. That's a pony.

Still a great trip for a Thursday! Sorry, trying to be less negative.


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Anyone know what promo the pax got when it says the pax paid $0? I had a fare before and it came to almost $200 and it said the pax paid $0


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nice ride nick. i am had quite a lot on them in 3+ years..never mine dead miles on a sunday or weekday if fare is big....