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I finally put up a Tip sign yesterday (another update)


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Great idea, I appreciate everyone's ideas on this, and I will try one this week and let you know the results. I am thinking a laminated sign of some sort, humorous but pointed!


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What I like is that it isn't on the headrest. Thus not making it completely obvious you are a rideshare driver. Also, it isn't directly in the passengers face or line of sight. The message is delivered, but not staring you in the face the whole time.
I like the blue car cuteness. Because my car is blue cuteness :biggrin:


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Kind of like DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS. People always rebel. LOL
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Grins, do people say anything about your sign?
Not yet but I just put it up last night. But I'll be happy to have a conversation with people about it if they ask

Someone will draw teardrops and a frown on the blue car. Then a Chevron executive will sue you for copyright infringement. . . .
Ask me if I care :biggrin: Sue me for everything I have which is not much

You dont have an extra copy do you?
No I didn't save it. Really easy and just printed at home.