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I feel like a paxhole

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Caturria, Jan 5, 2019.

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  1. I've learned a lot from this website, how things are for you guys, the crap you have to deal with, more confirmation of the fact big companies suck, etc.
    I'd like to believe that my lurking on UP is the reason I still have a perfect 5 star pax rating, and why almost every Uber driver I've ever had the pleasure of riding with has given me their contact info after the ride. I still feel there was this one time when I was bitten by the paxhole bug. How bad is this?
    In November, I travelled to Toronto for a screening of 'Boy Erased', because it was only playing in select theatres and I didn't think it'd come to my area.
    When the movie is over, the manager assists me to seating near the entrance and then goes about his business. The movie theatre is just one business on the second floor of a large building, something I didn't know before I went there.
    It's 1:00 AM, so none of the Uber Assist drivers are on the rode. The app is not counting on this situation, so it gives a confusing and really bad error message. I have to call Uber X, call the driver and explain that I need her to come in there and escort me to her car.
    I told her I was sorry, I couldn't get the service I'm supposed to request and if she could please come in and get me it'd be much appreciated.
    I'm not used to huge cities like that, and had no idea how challenging it would be.
    I had no idea that it would take her five minutes to find the entrance I was at (because I had no means of articulating it), five minutes to walk from the car to where I was, and five minutes to walk with me back to her vehicle. I was simply blown away at the fact she didn't leave. As I understand it she had no way of knowing it was going to be a $90 fare back to Hamilton.
    Given what I've learned from this website I felt guilty at this point. I could have called the theatre, found out what pickup logistics would be like and decided to wait a couple months for Boy Erased to be available on iTunes.
    I must have apologized to her and thanked her for going so far above and beyond at least 10 times. I would have applied a 15% tip under normal circumstances, but decided 25% was appropriate for my previous paxholyness.
    She tries to make me feel better by telling a white lie and stating what she did was 'my duty', which of course this website has taught me that's not necessarily so. At that point I kinda... melted down into a sobbing mess in a stranger's car.
    We had a nice conversation though, during the first half of the ride. In-between my apologies and thanking her, I learned that she was doing rideshare to supplement her student loans, and was a few weeks shy of graduation. The second half was mostly buildup to me breaking down and crying, and her trying to make me not feel guilty.
    I must have made up for my paxholyness as she too offered me her contact info after the ride.
    When I started posting here, I disclosed that I was blind, but I didn't tell the rest of it. I'm missing almost 3 of my senses; all of my vision, all of my smell and most of my taste. That means I get a small fraction of the stimulation that a normal person gets from the world that exists around them. Small life experiences like that are rare, but they're the difference between wanting to die and looking forward to tomorrow. I'm so grateful it didn't end in being left stranded and having to call twenty Ubers before getting one who was willing to tolerate the admittedly challenging situation.
    What do you guys think?

    Something else I wanted to add.
    If you haven't seen Boy Erased and plan on it, don't read this post because it'll contain spoilers. If you have, could you please answer this:
    After Jared's mom informs him that Cameron dies, the audio switches to nothing but soundtrack for a little better than a minute. Please, if you can recollect, what does this seen consist of? Is it a montage sequence of some type?
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  2. Just BS

    Just BS

    Bay Area
    For me, part of the appeal of driving for UBER is that I never know what my shift will be like. I usually go above & beyond the call of duty. Mostly cuz its who I am. Sometimes I get the short end of the stick. More often than not, it works out for the best. Again, for me, this would've been "just another day at the the office". Glad you found the right driver at the right time.
  3. Vision impaired, you get a pass. I actually took a pax tonight in the same situation. I am an Uberx driver and had no problem getting out of the car and offering assistance. My pax had the cane and did everything by feel. We had a nice conversation and she was a sports fanatic. So I received a run down on the scores and her thoughts on different teams and players. No tip, but that didn't bother me. You sound very generous and that goes a long way with drivers. That fare you paid is a monster for most of us. So what you felt was a pain, would be a dream in most markets. It's all perspective, but $125, even in CDN is more than many drivers will make in a day of driving.
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  4. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    25% tip on a $90 fare?... I would give you 5 stars! :)
  5. MHR

    MHR Moderator

    Hey CaturriaCaturria - I’m a mom to a DeafBlind son and his twin, Wheelchair boy.

    You’ve been on this forum and have read enough to know, and you even stated in your post but in different words, that the driver could have canceled on you but she didn’t.

    You got a driver whom went above and beyond what many would do and hopefully her actions remind you that we aren’t all as miserable and jaded as we act here on the forum.

    You tipped her and thanked her. She did the right thing as did you. :)
  6. ANT 7

    ANT 7

    Had a totally 100% blind pax in my car this week.

    He phoned me to coordinate where I could pick him up at the grocery store. I helped him along, and put his stuff in my car, as well as brought his goods into into his house, once he was safely inside. That's just basic human kindness. Your driver was no different than I was, nor any other person here would have been I'd imagine.

    You need to revisit and understand the definition of paxhole I think.........
  7. I truly believe most drivers are decent human beings, that’s why we get so annoyed at disrespectful pax. We only live once, what we do and how we treat others in this life is the true measure of a person.
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  8. Christinebitg


    I think what you did was fine.

    And I'd like to think I would have done exactly what your driver did.
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  9. Ive had 2 blind guys.

    The first was a freaking super star.
    Walked to my car after I confirmed I was his Uber.
    Let his dog in one side and made his way to the other side.
    The way he used his hands to move around was pretty amazing to see.

    The other guy was assisted into my car and when I got to his apartment complex he told me which was his building and asked me to point him in the right direction.
    Once I did that, I watched him go up his stairs.
    Also pretty amazing to watch.

    I have a lot of respect for blind people.
    But I still wouldn't have done what that driver did.

    I still expect all riders to be ready to go.
    Sure if I knew that situation beforehand I might go above and beyond.
    But I don't.
    So for that reason, blind or not, all riders need to be ready to go.

    I think you get that and you're lucky that this driver did that for you.
    Although that same driver is probably thinking "never again".
  10. Cable, a little cynical don’t you think.
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  11. Seeing as how she gave me her contact info and has negotiated an off app airport pickup tomorrow night, I honestly doubt that. She considers me a friend despite the lousy way I started things off.
    At least I was able to advise her well in advance that the airport pickup will involve her helping me get my luggage, which she's okay with.
    If I had known how hard that pickup was going to be and could have advised her before she accepted, I wouldn't feel half as bad about it.
  12. You can call it cynical. I call it real.

    Like I said, it's not that I won't help someone in need if I know they're in need.
    But I'm most likely to do something like that off the clock.
    When I'm driving Uber I'm not looking to do anything that wastes time.
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  13. Curious about something Juggalo. Would you take an Uber as a pax while traveling, and false complain to get your ride for free? Why or why not?
  14. I can't answer the baited question presented....I would never take an uber
  15. That's a perfectly valid answer imho.
  16. Still seeking answer to question in post no. 6, if anyone is able. I realize it probably got drowned quickly by the goofiness that transpired afterwards.
  17. You came to the wrong place for that.

    Uber drivers can't afford nor do they have the time to watch movies.

    You're more fortunate than you think.
  18. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    Your mom called.....
    She wants me to help move you & your stuff out of her basement. :D
  19. Still holding out hope that somebody has been to see it, or has managed to pirate it, or was taken to the movies by their date or whatnot.
    Still holding out hope that somebody has been to see it, or has managed to pirate it, or was taken to the movies by their date or whatnot. I've seen talk of movies and TV here in the past. If not I'll ask again in a couple of weeks when no doubt it'll be available on Netflix.
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  20. Christinebitg


    But it's still a slimeball move.
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