I don't like Mondays

sirius black

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Yesterday just sucked. Monday's usually aren't great, but yesterday was brutal. Got one ping that took me to the edge of the city, and sat for 1/2 hour before getting the next. Picked up a very polite woman on her way to a beer pairing dinner (Awesome !) only a few miles away. Got stuck in traffic in the middle lane and couldn't make a left where I needed without being "That" guy that tries to turn left from the middle, So I had to go a block to turn around. We were chit chatting about pairing beer with just about anything most of the way, but it got uncomfortably quiet when I missed the turn. After I got back on track, I spoke first and sarcastically said, "Well, there goes my rating." She started laughing. Dropped her off right in front of the restaurant. 5*, Great Conversation, $10 fare, $5 Tip. Made it one of the better bad days I've had.