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I can’t get Uber Airport Queue.


New Member
I don’t even have an option to see the queue. I have called Uber multiple times and they do not know why this is happening. My Lyft works just fine when going into the queue.





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More airport glitches. Doesn’t seem worth it. Maybe they’d get it figured out if there wasn’t a hoard of drivers there 24/7 no matter inspite of all the corporate malfeasance.


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I have the same problem. Uber doesn't appear to put me in the queue, Lyft does. The problem has been going on for about a year. Over that time I have complained to Uber more than once, without effect. I have changed phones, without effect. Unless there is a short queue, I just don't wait at the airport. Rebooting the phone, while in the lot, hasn't worked. However, I will try logging off and back on, repeatedly.


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Don't log off and on. Just need to keep switching from the Uber Home to one of the other options such as ratings.
Do this back and forth a couple times and it will show the Queue number.


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I give it 45 min-hour. Any longer, I think your wasting your time. I run both at the same time.


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Usually 30-40 cars. Then I check the landing schedule. Last summer one night I had a drop off there, then immediately I got hit for 2.5 surge pick up there. Couldn't believe it! Then the dropoff was to harmar twp. Wish I had more of those.....