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Featured I bought Honda Insight 2019 for uber

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Newbie3477, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Yes for sure

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  2. Yes

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  3. It is hard to say either yes or no

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  1. Yep. My state (NY) has a cooling off rule for cars. Turns out that's not as universal as I thought. Also turns out that it's only for used cars.
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  2. UberLady10001


    For that kind of money you could have bought a nice used Lincoln and still had a nice fund left over for any repairs that might be needed, then you could make a lot more money doing Uber Black.
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  3. UberFizzle


    Not necessarily. Depends on how/when/where you drive. I leased my 2014 VW Jetta hybrid in 2013, and just about paid off the car after the first year of full time driving (granted rates were higher back then). I still use it today to make money by renting it out. Think more in terms of passive income (renting your car out) rather than active income (Uber driving). I even had to replace the transmission (misfortune), and I’m still profiting from that car. Work smarter, not harder. I still Uber a few hours each week and consistently gross anywhere from $20/hour to $30/hour, and average about 34 to 35 mpg. So yes, it is possible to do ok.

    Woah, $570/mo car payments and $240/mo for insurance?! That’s probably too much for Uber driving.
  4. UberLady10001


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  5. Uberlife2


    Nice car for pax to vomit.
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  6. I read your comment and thought it a good idea. Looked it up. Lots of inventory. Only problem, auction was today. No more scheduled.
    Thanks for the suggestion.
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  7. Congratulations, the cheap entitled pax will appreciate it
  8. Remember that nice new phone you bought, you were afraid to get it scratched to scared to even touch it, it cost you a fortune, no dents, brand spanking new, you think it’s new it’s Gonna be relable and last.
    a year later that phone has lost over half its value, isn’t lookin so nice anymore,
    on the 2nd year it’s showing a lot of wear and tear, by the 3rd year, it ain’t worth nothing, time to upgrade,

    Same goes for cars, newer cars cost more to service, maintain, buy replacement parts for like brake pads,
    They lose value fast with uber, you end up with scratches on rear bumper, stains on all the seats,
    Everything wears out fast, and while your paying it off it’s also advisable to save up to be able to replace it when time comes,
    Then what if you get fired or don’t like the job, your stuck with a car you don’t really want,

    It’s best to get a car that’s good for 2-3years with uber, probably even less, 1-2years. Try it out and see if it’s the career path you want to take, if it is. Save up for a newer car,
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  9. 300Miles


    Glad to help.

    Auctions are held everywhere in the same spot monthly so you might find another option if you cast a wider net.
    fleetsales dot gsa dot gov.

    If you go for it, bring some1 who knows cars or undetstands the sounds of engines. You can start them up and sit in them but can't drive them from position.

    If you need to finance the purchase prearrange with your credit union for a loan with the caveat that you will call with the exact amount to be put on the check after the auction. You then pick up the check, run it back to the auction house, and off you go.
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  10. Enjoy your new Honda !

    1 False Deactivation . . .
    Then What !?!?
  11. Christinebitg


    Three days is not going to help you. It doesn't apply to this situation.

    Here's a quote from the document itself:

    "The Cooling-Off Rule only applies to sales at the buyer's home, workplace or dormitory, or at a temporary workplace of the seller (such as hotel or motel rooms, conventions centers, fairgrounds or restaurants)."


  12. Are there any advantages of leasing? Doesn't the dealer limit a certain mileage per year? What happens to the car when the leasing period ends?

    Lexus LS is the car that I can die for. I take pride to be an owner across its 2 generations (although none of them were bought new) :p.

    There is no way I can do Uber full time. Driving a few hours each week does help to support my frequent travels. Currently there is no family burden for me yet so it is possibly the best time to enjoy life :rolleyes:.

    As for the insurance, it is required by the bank to obtain full coverage during the loan period. I am tired of the obligatory insurance scams in this country. One time I had found a large dent on the rear passenger door and the insurance declined repair because they did not deem the damage as a result of collision. Now, I only have the state-required minimum protection.

    Does the word *deductible* makes sense at all to anyone? Hello? All of us pay and when it comes to the time that we need help, it is necessary to pay $500 out-of-pocket?
  13. TBone


    Columbus, OH
    Driving for Uber cannot void a warranty. A dealership will have to prove driving for Uber directly resulted in a parts failure and that is impossible. Other people, like salesmen, put tens of thousands of miles on a car a year and they don’t void their warranties.
    I can add an exhaust, intake, camshafts, new pistons, remap the ecu, and if the a/c compressor fails a dealership will have to honor the warranty and fix it. They will never warranty the engine though lol

    Again with this $8 an hour in Ohio crap. You need to move to Columbus or figure out how to make more. Average is $15-18 an hour full time and I can easily make between $20-25 an hour on weekends with no late nights.
    Quit being bitter, move on, and get a “real” job
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  14. DollarFree


    Here & there.
    Sign up for Lyft too. Don’t think, just do it.

    A medieval torture rack is also head & shoulders above a Prius C.

    That car will be around a lot longer than Uber. Enjoy it.

    Trolly or shilly, hard to say, but MDPlam was there in support quick enough so probably the latter.
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  15. Bbonez


    It makes sense to me. By opting for a higher deductible you lessen the insurance companies liability and in return get a lower rate. You dont need a deductible, completely your decision.
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  16. I'm 10000% more likely to agree with $8/hr than your $25.

    AVERAGE is a crappy stat. If you work 3 days and make $10 $10 and $100 you average income is $40? No. Median is a better value $10 is more likely what you make per day.

    No one believes any of the 'I make $x posts'
  17. DollarFree


    Here & there.
    Get one of these for your back seat, now! $40, water/vomit proof and easily removable for washing. If you have leather seats they're more easily cleaned than cloth seats but backpacks thrown across the car will take chunks out of them and make little cuts everywhere. Protect yourself from ****ty pax behavior.


    Also, there's many front seat covers out there but I got these cheap, waterproof neoprene ones on Amazon, you don't care if you have to replace them and they don't cover the the side of the seat which means the seat-back airbags will still work.

    PS I don't believe for a second that OP is a genuine new driver, but it's a featured post so might as well try & help new ants if it lures any into making this mistake.
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  18. Bbonez


    Assume a real estate agent sells 15 homes a year and makes 75k doing so and works 40 hours a week. Are you are saying that agent median daily income of $0 is a more accurate then saying the agent makes $36 an hour? After all 350 days out of 365 the agent made $0.
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  19. It all goes by how you want your answer to reveal the truth.

    On 350 days of the year you will make $0. That's not a lie. Its a fact. It allows you to forecast your business more accurately. Say you're a realtor and stupidly get a $450/mo car lease. You need $450 every month to pay it. Well, looking at the average your realtor makes $36 an hour right? WRONG. There is only income on 15 days of the year. They could all be in December, or January, you could get 1-ish sale a moth. You don't know.

    What more accurately describes the situation? The median answer does.

    Of course you're gonna say 'no! its for the year!'. Well, no. You cannot plan when the income is made (aka when you get pings) and you cannot know the exact amount of each commission (aka a driver never knows the fare until its completed).

    If a driver drives 5 days and makes $10,$10,$20,$15,$100 the total is $155, a mean of $15 and average of $31.

    To say that the driver makes an average $31 on any day is WRONG. In fact 4 of the 5 days he never makes that amount AT ALL.

    If you take the median as your daily income, $15 it is a MUCH MORE ACCURATE description of your earnings. On 3 days make less than or equal to $15, on 3 days you make at least $15 or more.

  20. stanigu


    SF East Bay
    Issue of cash flow vs. profit. Both important, but different.

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