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I bought Honda Insight 2019 for uber

Was my decision of buying new Honda Insight for uber considered insane?

  • Yes for sure

    Votes: 198 73.1%
  • Yes

    Votes: 23 8.5%
  • It is hard to say either yes or no

    Votes: 30 11.1%
  • No

    Votes: 15 5.5%
  • No, never

    Votes: 5 1.8%

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Yes, I bought a Honda Insight(Hybrid car) Touring package 2019 (Almost $28~29k) for full time Uber and some people might think I'm crazy. However, all the options that I added for this car made me a lot more comfortable if I drive in a high way for a long time.

First, I wanted to get a used Prius that costed about $15k, but I did not want to care about something goes wrong with an used car. Also, even if I pay 15k for used Prius, if something breaks and I begin to spend money, it'll eventually go up to $17~18k. Plus new cars come with the basic warranty + extended warranty.

Would you suggest me to avoid poor cities and not to take drunken people by avoid driving at midnight in the beginning of Uber?
As long as I take passengers from middle or higher class town, I thought it would be safe and keep my car clean.

Was my decision of buying this car for Uber really crazy???
Let me know if my decision was good or bad and I'll be appreciated if I can get some advices from you considering my situations.
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avoid hood names, and really focus on learning the different neighborhoods your picking up from, through time you will become very selective. Im not sure how much experience you have but I have 3300 not as many as most, but it took me a while to learn to be selective


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Welcome. My own opinion is that the 2019 Honda Insight is head and shoulders above the Toyota Prius C. You will rack up more mileage then you think so the extended warranty is probably a good thing. The standard warranty could be done in 6 months based on the mileage.

Your first few months will be a big learning curve. You will make every mistake we all made, the quicker you learn from them the better off you will be. Those that last figure out the best times, locations, and methods to maximize the money you can make. Those that don't learn and adapt don't last very long. Good Luck!


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$29k loan with 60 month terms at a standard 3.4 rate = $526 /mo. Over 72 months that would go down to approx $446 /mo

Regardless of terms, you're probably going to be WAY over on mileage driving for Uber before the vehicle is even paid off. The only thing worse is getting a car from Uber or Lyft.

I love new cars too, but damn, that's going to be a difficult pill to swallow when you kill the car and still have 2+ years payments remaining. A cheap used Prius would have been a much better investment.


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What's the warranty situation like on that? The miles.

I bought a car with 30k miles in April 17....up to 80k miles running full time. You might be voiding the warranty quicker than you think. I only paid a third of what you paid, and took the car for two year bank loan.