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So all California drivers were mailed new Uber trade dress. 5" diameter white circles with the words UBER printed on them in black letters. The decals were sent with instructions and illustrations. Uber also printed a shadow of the Chinese Coin Logo on the adhesive side of the stickers.

It is pretty damn clear that the stickers go on the outside of the window with the word Uber visible to people and cops from outside the vehicle. The shadow logo was added so there would be something visible to passengers from inside the car instead of just a blank circle.

So 99% of the moron Uber drivers at the SFO staging lot applied the stickers to the INSIDE of the window. So all anyone sees from outside the car is the faded grey of the Chinese Coin logo. The word UBER in a white circle is facing inside the car. Can you guys really be that dumb?

I know a lot of Uber drivers don't speak very good English but come on guys. There were very clear drawings for how to install the new trade dress required by the California PUC on the OUTSIDE of the car.

Uber thinks drivers are stupid because too often they act stupid.
"Stupid is as stupid does" famous quote from Medal of Honor recipient, College Football All American and U.S. Ping Pong Team participant Forrest Gump.
I'm not putting anything on the outside of the car.. End of story. Not sure why you want to put the sticker on the outside where it's exposed to rain and the other elements. Nobody is going to @@@@@ as long as the sticker is there in the front and the back. I got mines taped.


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I'm noticing a lot of drivers are doing this. I think it's because they see other people doing it. Noobs lol