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I am so happy i got deactivated

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Mean_Judge, May 18, 2017.

  1. Mean_Judge

    Mean_Judge Active Member

    Kremlin, Moscow
    So guys i want to let you all know since i got deactivated in December i am so happy i am out of uber. First couple months i was trying to get back reactivated, just like many of you did. But uber policy is Once you out. you out forever.

    So after Amazon Flex came across. You deliver packages for a decent pay. I am delivering since February and i am very happy. I hate myself i was doing Uber. I had to deal with cheap, disrespectful bastards. Wipe the puke almost every weekend and lots of miserable stuff for less then a dollar a mile. Time to time i checking this forum but looks like things hasn`t change a lot.

    Bottom line , THERE ARE LOT OF OPTIONS guys, dont let uber treat you like a dirty rag. Move on. I am with Amazon flex now, making same money and free every friday saturday night !!!

    Still thinking ?
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  2. jchc22

    jchc22 Well-Known Member

    yes, uber rocks!
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  3. BlastedChango

    BlastedChango Member

    i hope that all goes well to you.
  4. steveK2016

    steveK2016 Well-Known Member

    Dallas / Fort Worth Texas
    If you want to deliver packages full time, and from what I hear Amazon Flex doesn't pay as well as some may think, why not drive for UPS? I hear they pay their drivers $30 an hour + over time + health care + paid vacations + not driving your own vehicle and gas.
  5. 105398

    105398 Well-Known Member

    I don't get the point of "trying" to get deactivated when one decides they're done driving for Uber. (not saying the OP tried, but some make posts about "going out in style")

    If I decide to completely stop I'll remain active, do the one ride a month or whatever - and keep it as an option for the rare super high super high opportunities (snowstorms, football games, etc)
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  6. 1rightwinger

    1rightwinger Well-Known Member

    Fargo ND
    "wipe the puke almost every weekend". Really? Exaggerate much?
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  7. Back it up Uber

    Back it up Uber Active Member

    Carnegie, PA
    Yeah, but to be a UPS driver you have to first "pay your dues" sort of speak by working warehouse first for awhile. If it was that easy, thousands of people would be applying for the job.
  8. MSUGrad9902

    MSUGrad9902 Well-Known Member

    Plus UPS is a union shop, and requires a CDL for driving a truck.
  9. Shinezz

    Shinezz Member

    San Francico
    Okay stupid question. What does OP mean?
  10. day tripper yeah...

    day tripper yeah... Active Member

    original poster....
  11. Shinezz

    Shinezz Member

    San Francico
    Ohhh ok. Thanks.
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  12. Red Leader

    Red Leader Well-Known Member

    Bay Area CA
    So happy and yet, here you are.
  13. Wardell Curry

    Wardell Curry Well-Known Member

    That doesn't work for some people especially in markets where you have continuous exorbitant expenses like a monthly commercial insurance to pay for.

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