I am a new driver for UberEATS

Kitty Kat

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I'm trying to get started as an UberEATS driver. I have been approved by Uber but have not yet started driving. Right now I am waiting for my welcome kit to arrive; they told me it would arrive in a few days. I would like to know how I can log on so I will just get UberEATS requests and not regular Uber passenger requests. (I've downloaded the separate UberEATS app, also the Uber driver app.) I eventually would like to do passenger requests, but right now my car needs repairs and would not be suitable for passengers. (The air conditioner is not working, for one thing.) I used to drive for Lyft here in Atlanta and would love to go back to doing that, but I was in a slight accident back in November and have a slight dent on the back passenger side. (The car is still perfectly drivable; that was never a problem.) Even though I can still drive the car, Lyft will not clear me to drive again until the dent is repaired. I was informed by Uber that UberEATS drivers are not required to have their cars inspected, and I figured that since EATS drivers don't carry passengers the requirements for the car would be less stringent. I am trying to earn enough money to pay the deductable to have the dent and the air conditioner repaired so I can start doing passengers again. (My car is a 2005 Kia Optima, by the way.) Also, do EATS drivers have to worry about paying anything for the food at the restaurants, or is that taken care of by the app? I just want to know if it's possible to drive just for UberEATS and not for passengers, at least right now. Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I've never done food delivery before. Thanks for any help!


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I would strongly suggest that you visit the Uber office on Ellsworth Industrial and have them set you up for Eats/Delivery. What I can tell you is that there is a verrry limited service area, if any, on the south side. The furthest south for restaurants is one restaurant in Castleberry Hill (downtown near GA Dome).

You do not need the Eats app to drive. Everything runs thru the drivers app. If you open the drivers app, go to account, go to Help and ten Delivery. That will at least get you to the FAQs. There should also be a video or two but I don't remember where. Most things Uber is a mystery! That should get you started but again I strongly suggest you drive up to the office to get one on one assistance. Good luck.