Hugh Hefner, iconic founder of Playboy, has died at age 91


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He was an Icon.

A man who lived life on his own terms.

We had a "Sage's Minute Shop" in my neighborhood. They had their magazines displayed in such a fashion as to really encourage shop lifting. But hey, National Geographic, Sears Catalog, it's all good.
We had a " Playboy Key Club" in New Orleans.
Larry Flynts Hustler Club is still there.

Now he is up in heaven screwing half a dozen angels...
72 Virgins . . . . small change.
Playboy Magazine was an Industry before computers gutted publishing.
Many famous authors got a start writing short stories for Playboy.
Some of the interviews were groundbreaking and legendary.
Started in 1953. He rode the wave since then. 64 years. Of his 91 as king of his own Kingdom. The first 27 were apprenticeship.
( they would also pay $100.00 for good original jokes mailed in and published)


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Would love a copy of the exclusive interview with Malcom X in 1962.
Who else DARED to publish the " White Devils" quote uncensored in 1962 ? NO ONE.
How much is the Marilyn Monroe issue worth ? $5,500.00 ? It sold for 50 cents.

Some claim the first issue is worth $20,000.00 to $40,000.00

My sons tore the centerfolds out of my most valuable issues . . . rendering them worth nothing but nostalgia.

The Bible says Angels are Male . I know In American culture we like to say beautiful girls are angel like beauty but it's far from it . Since he was hetero I don't think he would find them to his fancy if he made it there .
Part of the cause of the " War in Heaven"
Lucifers fall, and the Main cause of Noahs flood.( Lucifers fall was mainly Pride and refusal to bow & serve man at Gods command. Also his idea to run things)
It is why Muslim women must cover their hair.
Man was given " FREE WILL".
Angels were not.
Remember this.
When Govt. Lays claim to Your free will.

Angels made of fire.
Man made of clay.
Computers forged of fire . . .

Remember this when you are run by computers. Question who the throne is being prepared for.
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Had to get glasses because of that man. It's true what they say..... touch it to much and you'll go blind.