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HUGE: New Surge System Arrives in Boston.


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I don't exactly understand how it works. Is it the exact same pricing as before?
For example, let's say it's a $10 ride. If surge used to be 1.5x, you'd get $15 (not exactly, but roughly speaking).
Under the new rules will it just say $5?

It also mentions something about minimum surge... Does the dollar amount shown reflect surge on a minimum fare ride? If not, then what is it based off?


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This system is in place in RI, maybe IMMA DRIVER can fill us in on his experience with it? My own experience is more rides with "surge pricing", but lower payout-per-ride.
Yep this is the same as uber saying they are paying us more for our time but overall cutting what we make. Same thing. Uber says you get a flat fee which probably won't come out to what it use to and charge the rider whatever they feel like.


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Long thread on this before in the Boston forum, a few months ago, speculating when this would come here. Not good. Bottom line, Uber is grabbing more cash out of our pockets.


At that time, other markets that moved to this new surge model (like Charlotte, NC) absolutely hated it. Lost $$. Also, they confirmed on that board that despite Uber stating "for long trips, we'll adjust the surge amount to higher than the minimum...", this NEVER happens.


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This is the end of surge as we know it. Uber will adjust the amount they will pay until they get drivers where they want them. At the same time they will charge the passenger whatever Uber thinks they will pay.
Until(that means probably never)there is one definition of fare instead of two(1.what we are paid, time and mileage, 2.what the passenger pays) Uber can set our incomes while greatly increasing their share. The 25% is a joke that proves we are "independent" contractors.
Drivers are helpless due to the arbitration clause, no lawyer would take the case based on an individual driver but would based on a class action. I'm sure I will get the "you know what you signed up for" but there was no time to read the changes if you wanted to drive and Travis was still in charge at that time, anyone out there feel there might have been retribution if you opted out?

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