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Hudson County is a waste of time

Basically I came off a shift Making.

I've been driving for 8 months and have a lot of insight to offer but just realized I've been a major dolt.

I live in Montclair. I've spent most of my time in the surrounding areas which of course leads to Hudson County...

Am I wasting my time in Greater Newark? Bloomfield, Montclair, Hackensack?

Is the bottom line head West?

Just looking at my trips I answered my own question .... I guess there is a case for working Hudson County during the day pursuant to ride frequency ....

It's actually incredible I've wasted so much time being so unstrategic ....

I'm between jobs ...since Uber takes up 99% of my life I can barely look for jobs.... I literally cannot wait till this nightmare ends..... The pure paranoia of my car breaking down and being unable to fix it is taking years off my life....

I also must say - I also must say breaking the $8 an hour threshold (this is an aggregate of the day..not 4-9 am) seems borderline impossible. I do however get 17.6 mpg... But I had a pax who is a driver flat out tell me he made 300 on Friday... Of course he said 400 and I asked please just give me your net.... But it literally seems impossible to me.... But I don't believe he was lying. This guy in particular was serious
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Numbers like that are completely possible. I've been a full time driver for over a year with 2000+ rides. You've got to learn your market and figure out where the better rides originate from.

My advice is to stay out of JC and Hoboken. Horrible roads, traffic, and way too many minimum fare or NYC trips.


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You also need be working peak hours to take advantage of the surge. Montclair surges all the time but if you are in the bar drinking rather then driving it kind of defeats the purpose... :biggrin:


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I would stay out of Hudson County during rush hours in the morning and evening as you cannot make money there. You will sit in endless traffic and at never ending traffic lights and earn minimum fares and the roads are in awful condition. The only reason to drive in Hudson County is to quickly run up your ride count to hit bonuses. Never accept Pool rides in Hudson County. You cannot make money on those passengers, they are the cheapest of the cheap and have the worst behavior problems.