How's It Going This Morning?

Ad nauseam

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Ord is dead hurry


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Nice work guys. Many thanks for intel. Think I'm going to stay away from city until central road closures from marathon come down. Any idea what time main roads back up?


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It was surging at 4.0 one point... there’s this huge marathon by Jackson Park, they said it’s about 15k people running a marathon, people needed to get there and the airport and it made it surge hard
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Just saw lyft was at 550% few moments ago
I wonder where and if anyone was even trying to request rides with lyft at that price lol

I might go out and play after the bears game starts


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It’s down by Jackson park... marathon must be over lol
i took a trip from belmont to jackson park this morning with 3.1x. it was a great start, and i kept driving and surges were all over. out of 12 trips this morning, only 4 were non-surged. my last trip was from dt to ord with 1.8x, and i am now taking a break at the pit. i haven’t been there for 3 days with new, ineffectiveness df. i’d say the pit doesn’t look the same as before ... deserted!