How's business today?


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Today v bad day...
Almost 7hr otr... Still struggling to get past $150 mark.
Time is bad for PH drivers. Both grab and GOJEK no need to pay license fee for 3 months and yet they refuse to transfer the saving to the drivers. At least they should reduce the commission to 5-8% for 3 months.

BTW, what time u started today?


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At 10am after my last trip at cbd.
I slow drive to geylang to bedok to serangoon to amk. No ping, i rest till 12+ and start again.

Now at west coast coffee.


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At 10am after my last trip at cbd.
I slow drive to geylang to bedok to serangoon to amk. No ping, i rest till 12+ and start again.

Now at west coast coffee.
Wow! U started so early at 5am? 😳 I have never started at 7am not to mention 5am since Uber days. Looks like me is not a morning person. 😝


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It’s safer in hygiene on public transport (bus/trains) than confined to a small box on wheels sharing breath-taking air between drivers and passengers, many commuters have found out. If you’re not in a rush to anywhere the public transport is the sensible choice for now.

I’d also avoid hiring shared cars until the breakout has died down.


Such is the time now ...



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I was just reading the post and talk to alot that those are driving soley for GRAB

Seems alot are affected and impacted mostly share they are searching for new hirers to take over rides. Some are driving longer hours and neither yet can see profits.
If these goes on, what will be your action plan moving forward?

You all cannot keep harping on the $20 from goverment.
What you take from GRAB. GRAB in returned will take it back from you.

These green company are not STUPID.
If they are clever they will never decrease yoir incentives. And decrease the fare to lower just to abstain market share. And morever you all are facing longer waiting times now. And facing lesser pings.

And for Brother Slack, if you are a RUBY driver. You should not drive for GRAB.
Reasons you are losing money every weeks, every months and making yourself

If you sincerely do not believe what i am saying.

Take your last past four weeks of earning.
Sum it all up in TOTAL.
Take out that 20% commision.
Get the nett figure

Then sum it all up from your last 4 weeks of weekly incentives!
Sum it all up.
Then add on your super steady streaks to the incentives.

If you get the sum right!

You are getting a decrease nett figure each and every month.

And not just that with the rental and your petrol to the cost.

I can affirm and gurantee you are just another drivers in the list of 19,000 ruby drivers that do not benefit and losing money each and everyday.

Only Diamonds & Sapphire and above then can drive GRAB!

My 0.002 cents opinion.


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The bad times are temporal.

Helps if one has some savings to ride over until the situation has improved somewhat.

In the meantime consider NoChoiceButSmove, or, AnotherChoiceIsTriBeCar for hourly PhC hires. Works well for peak morning and evening driving jobs; oher hours you should have just forget it. Drive Monday to Friday only; weekends are timewasters. For morning jobs: collect cars from HDB heartlands, wait for pings. Evening: collect cars from city fringe, wait for pings. Weekends? Stay home with wives and maybe have some sex.

So, NoChoiceButHasToAdapt, or die. Don’t work for the Car but let any car work for you.



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The one at blk 710 clementi west st 2?

You drive GRAB all the way?
720 i think... Near sheng siong n 4d...
Yup only Grab heh
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Next quarter take $ as part of GR deal.
So this quarter try to hit sapphire.

I know the situation of phv.

Anyway only hit 211 today after 11hrs otr.
Probably one of the worst.
But i suspect my phone has some problem.
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The struggles of PhD with PHC contract leases are real, due to the Covid19 situation.

As I expected, PhDrivers are already turning to hourly hire cars to cut costs in order to squeeze some profits out of their driving.

To this end, TriBeCar is quick to adapt to new demands; partner with TADA to offer drivers a more sustainable alternative to help drivers ride out the Covid19 outbreak.

Why is Smove so quiet?