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How would YOU fix Uber?

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by DanielW, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. DanielW


    I've been driving part time since September of 2015. I started driving mostly Friday and Saturday nights to earn some extra cash, this was beneficial since I could drive from around 10 pm to 4 am and not take away any time from my wife and 1 year old son. I have to admit that when I started it was an enjoyable experience, there was very little down time between each ride and I made good money. I decided to switch jobs and get my CDL and to help manage my time better I started doing Uber full time from around 5 am to 4 pm. I did this from around August through December of last year. Now I am done with Uber and reading some threads looks like I got out in time.

    The main complaints I see (other than stupid POOL) is low pay and oversaturated market with drivers. How would you combat this? Wouldn't increasing the pay bring in even more drivers? Would you you limit the amount of drivers being able to log on at any time specifically time? (that would suck I think) I just don't see how Uber can fix these main two issues.
  2. AmericanTaxiOptima


    Vernon Hills IL
    You can fix uber by holding Travis Kalanicks head under water until the bubbles stop coming up and then drown anyone else who shares his insane Ayn Randian bull**** views. Then replace them with human beings who can feel emotions for things that aren't themselves.
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  3. Quisuber


    Make pool riders meet on corners or do away with it all together
    Change wait time to 3 minutes
    Lower commission
    I would make it where when someone drops someone off at airport they automatically get to number 25 in the queue.
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  4. Mindozas


    What Uber needs to "fix" is simple:
    Reverse pay rate, pay more per minute and less per mile, that way all drivers gets paid pretty much the same per hour, that way there is no need for surge, because stuck in traffic would mean surge.
    55-70 cents per minute and 10-15 per mile.
  5. Mrlyft


    Raise pay. lower comission. Make Pool a 50-50 split driver to uber per passanger. raise cost of pool. Hold off from taking new sign ups make it at least once a year. People who dont average a certain amount of rides a year get cancelled. Hold off advertising to reduce cost .... i think this is how it gets done uber and lyft is here to stay cabs are going to become dinosaurs there is plenty of room for rate increase and still be lower then a cab ... this is just my opinion
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  6. Raise rates
    Lower commission
    Get rid of pool
    Show Pax destination
    Add inApp tip option
    Revamp rating system
    Show Pax Rating (chicago)
    Slow on boarding of new drivers
    Revamp Customer Service help - no robot answers cookie cutter answers.

    That's just to start and off the top of my head. I defer till later.
  7. Black Excellence

    Black Excellence

    Chicago ... Subhood
    I agree with a lot of what's already been suggested.

    I'd add that longer trips out of the city, county or even the state should come with some kind of additional fee that goes to drivers' pockets.

    Like a trip from O'Hare to Peoria, like one poster had, shouldn't be below a $200 fare IN ADDITION to all those miles he's gotta deadhead back home.

    Uber's commission should be cut in HALF (especially for us 25 percenters out there).

    And, honestly, I'm surprised employee status hasn't been mentioned yet. Unionization would be taken a lot more serious from both sides if we were employees of Uber, vs. independent contractors.

    And there's no way I'm biting on a ride average for the year if I'm not an employee. Uber already takes too many liberties with IC status as is.
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  8. Nationwide freeze for drivers. Automatic minimum surge for commuting rush hour and Fri/Sat nights.

    never will happen. Too many ants who ignore depreciation costs. Travis is laughing all the way to the bank.
  9. DanielW


    A lot of good stuff posted, I definitely agree about the dead miles on longer trips. Less commission is also a good way to boost pay and not affect pricing. I definitely feel that the rates should be raised since we're still much cheaper than taxis. I just feel like these issues will never get fixed, since it seems like there's hundreds of more drivers joining with each week, even though the pay and other conditions are getting worse.
  10. The Uber business model requires saturation of the market with available cars. The current model is a holding action until the advent of the autonomous vehicle. Drivers could do O.K. if Chicago rates increased by about 20% and tipping were encouraged. As long as Uber doesn't have to sweeten the driver pot they ain't gonna do it. It's also possible that they're burning through their funding at an unacceptable rate and can't survive if they do provide decent driver incomes. Basically what it means is that the Uber business model depends on exploiting gullible desperate folks. Check out the recent settlement with the FTC and stop drinking the KoolAid.
  11. I share your sentiments, stopping short of actually committing a capital offense. Uber is a rabid dog at this point. It can't be "fixed". The only cure is a bullet to the head.
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  12. gooberMike


  13. Why is Uber losing money so fast? If they stopped promotions and advertising in Chicago, it should be pure profit with no expense...and they should be able to lower commissions thus raising driver pay! Seems like Chicago is ready for that!
  14. Juggernaut


    Stop recruiting bad drivers. Lower your turnover rate of your good drivers. Better incentives to drive for good drivers during high traffic times and/or peak hours. Stop talking about robot cars; it kills morale.
  15. Uberana


    DuPage county, IL
    How would you fix Uber? Now, that's a legitimate question. The sad part is, that it should be a question that is asked by Uber mgt to its drivers. If they would actually make an effort to reach out to us in person or by phone and getting our input, they may be able to fix it. Otherwise, it's doomed.
  16. Whether we as drivers like it or not, Uber will prosper just because the business model they have is ideal. No cars, no overhead, no drivers/commissions in the future. They are (and competitors) the future of the transportation. So earn some $ while you can.
  17. DanielW


    I honestly don't buy the bull**** that Uber is feeding to their investors regarding self driving cars. The technology is still far from perfect and there are many aspects of a self driving car that I doubt Uber wants to tackle. Insurance, maintenance, parking, software issues, passenger control, vandalism, regulation, etc.

    I seriously doubt they're ready for prime time.
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  18. Pooooobear


    One way to fix Uber would be to limit number of drivers. Allow only drivers with newer cars and high ratings to do business which would lead to higher driver and customer satisfaction. I guess....
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  19. Zuber A

    Zuber A

    Like it or not, all the problems mentioned here are not Uber's main concern nor interest. Why? Very simple, there are so many drivers out there. Individual driver is not important to Uber at this point. Until one day the total number of drivers is decreasing, Surge is happening 50% or more often, Uber is not likely to care about drivers. What is Uber's concern now? Customers: Once the free ride incentive is over, the riders are decreasing. Competition: The business is not rocket science, there are multiple TNPs out there. Uber's is rather giving you more pings than rate increase. If Uber is thinking about any revenue increase now, that will be Uber cut increase or booking fee increase, not drivers' revenue increase. What Uber is afraid of: Investment money dry out. So customer base and drivers number GROWTH is vital. Thus the Sr Management's stock option may eventually worth Billions. Sorry for telling the truth, I know this won't be popular, but it's the reality. If a job is very easy to be replaced by different person, it usually is a low pay job. But if you enjoy doing so, that's different. Drive Uber for fun or part time/ extra cash!
  20. MrBlue3244


    Besides the fact I believe the majority of the public including myself would never get into a self driving uber car. I don't trust them doubt I ever will.

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