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How was your Night ofl Night's - NYE 2018?


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Modern day slavery at it's best.

Minimum wage in Australia $18.29ph plus entitlements. Majority earning $12-15 after expenses. Where is this toothless tiger called Fair Work?


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When you signed with uber there was no guarantee of anything and you knew there would be unlimited ants so a bit late to whinge now.

Did anyone hold a gun to your head?
An Uber mole. Enjoy slaving your guts for Mickey Mouse money.


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Still saw lots of taxis driving around last night empty with their light on. Seems more and more people avoid taxis these days. Good for us! :biggrin:


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$880 gross on Uber ($740 which includes $40 promotion bonus) and Ola ($140)
I did 2pm to 4pm, and then 8pm NYE to 9.15AM NYD
I drive a Kia Optima.. So, only UberX and Ola Sedan

Heisenberg 99.1%

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Are you both serious? Its pretty clear he is showing today.
Its normal that the time online can run slightly over the 12hrs.
Maybe try watching the new Holmes and Watson movie to help you with your sleuthing skills