How to swith from uberx to uberxl on android app?


Hello.I had option to swith to uberxl -but now I can't find it after updating the app.Can someone take a screenshoot how to log in as a uberxl?
Thank you in advance.


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It seems I am at the same time logged in as both-am I right?
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That's just what I did. Cause my partner app is acceping both x and select and the my app doesn't have an option to swtich. So I emailed to request to only accept select. I be getting more x ping then select. Not worth taking x for me
Or you could just not accept but will till be timed out by your 3rd ping

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To make sure you only get profitable pings, get a full-time job doing something else. This company has no respect for your rights to choose jobs and target levels of customers that you want. They don't care if you gross $3 an hour while burning $1.50 in gas. Do not let yourself become dependent on them. Then you will be able to let crappy leads expire without accepting them.