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How to see where other Uber drivers are

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Ronnieg32, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Ronnieg32

    Ronnieg32 New Member

    Racine, WI
    I saw a friend'a Uber app ( for passengers) for the first time and it shows where all of the Uber drivers aee around town. I put the app on my phone and I can't see where the drivers are. Is there more than one Uber app or does anyone know how to get this feature? I'd like to know where other drivers are or are not when I'm out driving.
  2. DriveArizona

    DriveArizona New Member

    You may not have waited long enough for the car icons to appear on your screen. Could you try it with a fast data connection, or possibly Wi-Fi?
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  3. disp350

    disp350 Well-Known Member

    One you get it working, just remember that you only get to see the 8 closest cars to you. And moving the map doesn't work. If you want to see a different area, you have to start a ride request by entering the area you want to see before you can see the 8 ants in that area.

    Unless your friend has a version of the app a year or so old. You used to be able to move the map around and still see the ants, but not anymore at least on the iPhone app. Not sure about Android.
  4. surlywynch

    surlywynch Well-Known Member

    Same on Android. You need to side-load a older APK version of the rider app
  5. Alison Chains

    Alison Chains Well-Known Member

    Central Indiana
    What was the last version that could do that?
  6. Kodyhead

    Kodyhead Well-Known Member

    Broward Couny, FL
    I set up a ride then move the pin around
  7. surlywynch

    surlywynch Well-Known Member

    A version from Oct 2016 I think v3.126.0. I have it set up to never auto-update.

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