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How to report Uber earnings while collecting unemployment?

Discussion in 'Pay' started by renbutler, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. I_Like_Spam

    I_Like_Spam Well-Known Member

    The way that the UI office might look at it a little differently than you do. Just consider a few facts.

    They ask you if you worked last week. If you uber'ed- that's work. Its untrue if you answer "no" and avoid the followup questions.

    They ask you if you are available for work last week- if you're ubering are you really available to go out for a job as a test subject at a medical lab (that was the job the Unemployment office sent me out on- last time I was on UC in 1984. -true story) If you answer "yes", they can say that is untrue.

    Third, the rules for counting earned income may be different for Unemployment than they do for taxes, they certainly did when I worked UI here in PA.

    Lastly, the unemployment office probably gets computer reports from Uber, reporting who is starting. The child support court certainly does, this will be something to explain, perhaps.

    Do what you want, but just realize that your arguments are going to be lined up with UI Regulations in California by a bureaucrat. It might turn out fine, but there is definitely a risk here.
  2. thisguy777

    thisguy777 New Member

    buena park ca

    HEY i know its late but this helped me 1000x more understanding the report earning process you DO report net pay i just saw the EDD UI you tube channel this can help anyone else in a similar situation who drives uber or lyft

    click the youtube link:

    watch it at about 9 mins YOUR WELCOME!!!
  3. Tip service

    Tip service New Member

    Rancho Cucamonga
  4. EMP40

    EMP40 New Member

    Sacramento area
    The Ca EDD video clearly shows you report NET earnings as defined by IRS rules.
  5. Mars Troll Number 4

    Mars Troll Number 4 Well-Known Member

    Umm, Independent contractor income becomes a mess in the courts....

    The biggest issue is that the income being reported for you, is greatly in excess of your actual profit... which means all these government agencies will assume that you are making more money than you are, because they just don't know any better.

    if unemployment sees $1000 a week of uber revenue as $1000 a week in income your in trouble...

    I've known people who were un rightfully denied things like foods tamps over their taxi Revenue being counted as income.

    i really don't want to comment on it but...
    But anything involving a government agency (except the IRS) is a mess, and will be a fight.

    Child support in particular is a nasty one,

    I knew a cab driver who got a court order for child support/allamony on him.

    It was 50% of his revenue... (a court order for the cab company to turn over 50% of his meter to the court, to give to her)

    Well his profit Margin was only 60% so... you see the problem?

    $250 in revenue
    $100 in expenses {paid to the cab company} (that the judge ignored and refused to factor in)
    $125 to his exwife (50% Court ordered to be deducted off his credit card payouts)
    $25 to him (10%)

    His Ex-wife told the judge that he didn't make as much as the number the judge threw out, the judges response was that he was obviously was hiding money from her...

    2 weeks later, (of bumming money from his ex wife, i kid you not)
    An agreement was reached to fax shift receipts (the cab company prints up a nice receipt showing expenses and revenue) to his Ex-wife and pay X % of his taxable profit. (in cash when he went to pick up his children for the weekend (actually monday-wednesday)

    Anything where your writing off a HUGE % of your income as expenses will cause a problem with these institutions... the IRS will take your word for it, most other's fail to understand what's going on.

    Also you have situations like orlando where you are losing money on paper?

    I'd love to be in family court figuring that out...
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  6. Darrell Green Fan

    Darrell Green Fan Member

    I know this is an old post but can you elaborate? I don't see how anyone can say your gross should be the income before the Uber cut. No your gross should be what you earned before deductions.

    As a follow up let's say you collect for 6 months starting in January. How does the unemployment office know that your earnings took place during that time? Isn't it reported at the end of the year and that income could be claimed as income from June-December by the driver.
  7. ginseng41

    ginseng41 Well-Known Member

    Blacksburg, VA
    If you're receiving unemployment or disability in virVirgi you have to fill out information far more frequently. For unemployment it's weekly and I think monthly for disability but don't quote me on that. You also have to use gross earnings for disability payments here. Idkwhy it's like this but I made a ton of calls to figure this our when I first started driving. Another driver told me the disability stuff so I only know it second hand
  8. I_Like_Spam

    I_Like_Spam Well-Known Member

    Employers subject to the unemployment compensation law are required to report weekly wages. Not yearly.

    Unemployment eligibility is determined by the number of weeks worked and eligibility is determined on a week to week basis.
  9. Darrell Green Fan

    Darrell Green Fan Member

    Ah makes sense, thanks. So if you fail to report earning for that week you are committing fraud.
  10. ginseng41

    ginseng41 Well-Known Member

    Blacksburg, VA
    In Virginia, at least. Can't speak for other states

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