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How to reduce the number of Uber drivers? List your suggestion

Discussion in 'Advice' started by dryverjohn, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Not to get political......and I am not saying this as a supporter........but Trump will bury her like he has buried each and every one who has tried to take stand against him. He truly is "Teflon Don".
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  2. You’re delusional. Trump can’t bury anything. All he can do is fire. He’s literally driving to the wheels fall of. And they will fall off.
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  3. When I use the word "bury", all I am saying is he had dodged and danced and weaved around every negative news-worthy issue that has happened to him since he walked down that escalator. As in "bury every other story or situation". Again, not saying I am for or against him. Tax returns. Woman accusers. Russian deals. Republican in-fighting. Fixed elections. The list goes on and on. Yeah will the other shoe drop, probably. But the bigger question is, will he still be in office like Nixon when it does?
  4. That is indeed the question. Frankly, I’m hoping he pisses off one of these Countries that know how to deal with these sort of things bad enough. Problem solved.
  5. Jus sayin that Pelosi can stand up for the poor, but at a price. I may be on the low end. Uber probably is already in her pocket, so I may have to retract that statement Read Pelosi and Visa IPO if you want to learn about elitist corruption
  6. Rosalita



    Lyft more concerned with dam service animals than unaccompanied minors. I report all u.m's (unaccompanied minors), the location, and the account holder's name.

    Back to competition of too many drivers. Don't people eventually pull themselves out of the competition when it proves too difficult?

    thought this was about how to curb driver competition and it turns out be another predictable rant against President Trump, or Nancy Pelosi, or someone else?
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  7. Boy, wouldn’t THAT result in an assload of rides!
  8. You say to Uber that the pax is underage; the other driver could say that the pax was 18. It'd be your word against his. Uber wouldn't deactivate anyone over this.

    They might suspend the pax' account and send out their "please send in a photo of your photo ID" email. But they're not going to fire a driver on the hearsay evidence of another driver.
  9. Hybrid_Rolla


    Gonna be unpopular due to this forums demographic - new driver partners should have to undergo and pass their local license driving test. This is a massive issue already with the general public, but if you’re driving professionally a more stringent set of rules should apply IMHO. Fail the driving test, license should be revoked too.

    Vehicle condition checks - instead of retaking selfies every so often, drivers should have to walk around their vehicles and take a video of the condition of their cars. Any unrepaired damage makes you ineligible to drive until it’s fixed. (I’ve gotten an uber where the entire left front and rear doors had side swipe damage and various warning lights popped up on the instrument cluster in the car - driver kept pushing on, I didn’t know what mechanical condition the car was in)

    Basic first aid training, certificate renewal say every 3 years (not many last that long as uber drivers anyway), with evidence of first aid kit carried in car.
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  10. Lower rates until enough drivers quit. It’s a win all around then.
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  11. Well, that's the thing. We are NOT driving "professionally". We are just driving, and Uber is just a technology company. No one can claim that we are "professional" drivers; there is no training, no guidelines, not even a job interview!
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  12. JaredJ


    I spoke to a man at the Houston airport lot that had just signed up. He was surprised Uber approved him because he has an aggravated assault on his record.

    I didn't know how to respond and just stared at him. Revolutionary company, indeed. The modus operandi of this company will be an IPO that initially skyrockets then tanks. I'm selling short after the first 4 weeks.
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  13. He will eventually get de-activated. Must have been one of the many that fall through the cracks, they must have hired a TON of new drivers and their first group of background checks, they always miss a bunch of felons. Then he will come here in a year and complain how he was "unfairly de-activated" and we will all LOL at him.
  14. Christinebitg


    Background checks are notoriously poor in quality. As a society, we seem to have gotten addicted to them. They give people a warm fuzzy feeling.

    But they're right up there with TSA at the airports, where they're screening for weapons. In other words, it's barely better than nothing. Worse yet, it generates a false sense of security.
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  15. ST DYMPHNA son

    ST DYMPHNA son

    ...you are free to delete your app and stop driving for uber...hope that it answered your question...
  16. Join taxi groups in calling for stricter screening of Drivers . . .
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  17. Hybrid_Rolla


    But you are getting paid to drive a passenger from place A to B. That defines a profession. Not skill, not training, not company politics - the fact that you’re getting paid for your contract services which includes your ability to operate a vehicle necessarily means you are a professional driver.
  18. Respectfully, I disagree. I am a "driver". Not a "professional driver".

    Being able to apply a bandaid does not make one a doctor.

    Helping your friend with her taxes does not make you an accountant.

    Helping your kid with homework does not make you a teacher.

    Helping your 10 buddies move does not make you a professional mover, even if they all pay you.

    We are drivers, not professional drivers.
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  19. Speak for yourself.
  20. Ssgcraig


    There is someone who made the Uber account that the minor was using. I am assuming the parent. With that assumption, the parent assumes the responsibility, not the driver. Really, you want to tattle tale? Grow up.

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