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Discussion in 'Providence' started by uber_union, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Ok look, if you're driving in Rhode Island let's face it, MOST PEOPLE DO NOT TIP UBER DRIVERS. It doesn't matter if you hire someone to give them a mani/pedi while you're driving them, they just refuse to tip... well 95% refuse anyway.

    This is MY system and I think it's fair and accurate.

    NO TIP and SMELL + = 1 STAR
    NO TIP and SMELL = 2 STARS
    NO TIP = MAXIMUM 3 STARS (That's if everything else was perfect!)
    $1-$2 TIP = 4 Stars Minimum

    I'll refuse to pick up anyone with less than 4 stars as a passenger. If I see a rating of 4.0 and under I either let it pass or will cancel the ride if I accepted it without realizing.

    WHY ARE TIPS IMPORTANT?: In America, you tip service people. To not do so is a violation of social norms and highly offensive. The only reason I do not give everyone a one star for that is because Uber's "do not tip" propaganda is largely responsible for this. Still, people should and do know better.
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