How to quit Uber??? ...


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I am one of the many drivers who won't be continuing to drive for Uber (I actually stopped in March).

Just posting to figure out if there is anyone I need to contact? Any lists I need to be removed from?

I don't want to get caught up in any DoT compliance legislation.
Just want to be done completely with this shitty company and I don't want any more problems.

Any one got information that suggests we have to do anything other than just not "Log On" anymore?


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Good question... Never thought of that... Wonder if uber has given dot drivers info... I recently cancelled my 3f insurance... Deleted my driver's app... If I get pulled over I have no problem giving them my phone to prove it...


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Ahhjj grasshopper... It is your expectations that let you down... Not the people...
OK standing back now....tick tick tick


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Inform DoT (Stat Dec) otherwise you will be on the 5000 list for random checks by DoT. Call DoT first but until they know otherwise if you are on list then you can be checked.

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How to quit Uber, roll around to Uber office in Subi in the middle of the night and throw a rock through their window with a note attached saying "I quit" hahahahahhahah LOL just joking, don't try this at home kids. :smiles: maybe just send them a text saying "I quit"