How to prevent uber sending me riders negative comments?


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I have very high ratings and lots of positive comments but i hate it when uber sends negative ones ( out of 3000 lifetime trips (started Feb 2016) I've gotten 3 negatives (2 today) and i hate them as they are not helpful.
One said "hygiene" (me &/or car?).. I think this is after today when i told rider the reason I was opening all the windows was because his cologne was too strong.
The other comment is "wrong rider". What? I've never picked up wrong rider! I think this is from no show carpool psgr that I mistakenly started trip on and couldn't cancel out until further into the trip.
The 1st negative comment was Feb after I asked the rude jiffy lube vehicle inspector guy for his spvsr' s name and he deactivated me saying for "professionalism" (vague).

@@@@ uber
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