"How To" Page for Richmond Int'l Airport


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Airport ground transportation was "kind enough" to remind me of this how-to page provided by Uber for operating at RIC. Has anyone else found it helpful?

"Airports: Richmond International Airport"

For additional reference, given the fact that there are so many new drivers, there are a couple of long-term and active discussions elsewhere in this forum:

"Richmond International Airport"

"Richmond International Airport... the saga continues"

And on the airport's website:
"Notice to TNC Partners with Uber or Lyft"


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Airport pickups are only worth it if you're already in the east end. At the 80¢ a mile/16¢ a minute Uber rates, deadheading from downtown or the west end just to wait in the airport queue gives you too many dead miles to turn a profit. Plus, per Uber policy airports NEVER surge, so even when it's busy you're still driving for 80¢ a mile.

Last year, when our rates were over $1 per mile, there used to be a bunch of full time drivers that only did airport pickups. Their numbers have dwindled now, for obvious reasons.

My full time job is at the airport so I drive by the queue on Norman Rd. a couple of times a day. I've seen plenty of "no UberX available" at peak times the last couple of months.

Since I'm already at RIC when I get off work, I do 2-3 airport pickups a week. The $9 payout after Uber fees if I get a ride downtown basically pays for my gas money and a couple of trips to Taco Bell. Life-changing money!


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So who else has had the pleasure of a warning or citation while recently working at RIC? :mad:


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Didn't feel hate, they just seem not happy if you don't follow airport procedures, state law. I saw them do the same with a taxi and a hotel van, too. From what I can tell, the drivers that are mindful of airport requirements sail right through with no problems.


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Did know there is something like a 12k fine and a year suspension from rideshare if you schedule an appointment with a rider outside Uber? Yes this is the state FBI that trys to nail you for that. They will try to get rides through Facebook and other online sites.


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My boyfriend travels frequently, when he's called Uber a few times in the past, the driver was waiting in the short term parking lot to avoid fees.

I was already in the area dropping off some rave kids in town for a show at the Hilton next to the airport when I got my first ping for an airport pick up. I'd have had no clue what to do if it wasn't for the flashing sign they have on the road leading to the arrival's terminal.

That $5 fee is tax deductible, right?