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First, take a few Uber rides yourself and take notes. I have had many Uber rides and a few things really jumped out at me. Most of the vehicles Ive been in enjoyed a certain level of dirtiness. From smudge marks to dust to dead bugs in the back. Another thing that really jumped out at me was the driver's level of friendliness. Some drivers were very quiet while one particular driver just seemed too talkative while another kept offering me things like bottled water to the point it annoyed me. After taking a few rides yourself, it will be more obvious why your rating is where it is.

My experience is that you need to be constantly up on your game to enjoy the highest rating. Your vehicle has to be really clean, you have to say the right things and the customer service has to be there even for short rides across town. You might be tempted to just go online no matter the time of day or situation. Maybe right after work to bang out a few rides. However, take some time to straighten yourself and the car out. It might be a better idea to go home, clean out the car and wash up before taking rides. One rider I remember berated another Uber driver for wearing shorts suggesting that even Uber drivers must maintain a certain level of professionalism. So you might consider throwing on a half-decent set of clothes before taking rides.

Lets say you feel like your ratings are in the dumps. The only way to get it back up is to take as many fares as you can. For NJ drivers, the only place you will be able to rescue the rating is Hoboken because it has the rides. You can bang out 20 rides in a day which will help that average if you do it right. Keep in mind that all it takes is for one pissed off customer a day to get you deactivated.

Lets go over exactly what you should do while Uber driving. Always be courteous. Start off the ride by saying hi, during the ride say at least one positive thing but dont engage in conversation unless they want it and finally thank them for using Uber and tell them have a nice day. Always be clean. Clean car, clean you. Brush the teeth, take a shower and throw on at least a half-decent set of clothes. If there are any problems during the ride, admit it up front and apologize. "Look, Im sorry I made that wrong turn." Always be helpful tending to their luggage. When you get the ping, drive to the location. If its like 15 minutes away send them a quick text when the GPS anticipates you will arrive. When you are one block away hit "arrive" so they will start coming out and be ready. Upon arrival send a text message you have arrived "Arrived". Do not honk the horn during the ride unless it really has to be done like someone merging into you. Do not say anything profane or negative. Obey the traffic laws and speed limit. Yield to passengers especially in Hoboken. If they see you not yielding that might be cause for a downgrade.

The smell of the car is important. It seems like everyone has a different smell about them and after 20 riders in the car in short time the car stinks. Women seem to pick up on this more than guys. Before and after you are done for the day open up all the doors for a few minutes. During the ride, keep the windows open as much as you can. If the riders have been especially smelly, open up all the windows or stop for a few moments to open up all the doors. If you continue down the road with a smelly ride, you might get downgraded.

My personal experience is sometimes I get downgraded and I have no idea as to why. I have always kept my car superclean and have never said any angry words at anyone. I have always been friendly and helpful. The rides, especially to the airport, seem like the lowest I have seen in my life. It used to be over 100 dollars just to get to the airport and now its half that price. Sometimes, you just cant please everyone. Dont take it personally.
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The smell of the car is important. It seems like everyone has a different smell about them and after 20 riders in the car in short time the car stinks.
I get TONS of compliments on my scent.. mind you i shower daily... and wear deodorant.. Febreeze Gain scented car clips... Mind you i smoke in my car. a lot... but 90% of the time i drive around with windows and sunroof open under 40 mph.. Amazon has a coupon for 8 clips for 17 and change right now with the digital coupon.. also walmart sells them both in automotive and in the laundry isle 2 for 4.50ish.


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You can do whatever you want in your own car to include smoking, wearing shorts or whatever you do. I do not doubt its done around here and is probably the reasons why many drivers get the low ratings. However, those passengers might not appreciate it. Also air fresheners will make some people sick. Not a good idea to smoke or lay down thick air freshener, but do what you want in your own car.


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if you smoke. You smoke OUTSIDE the car.

Watch the professional drivers. They park the car on the curb and smoke outside.


For the most part I agree with you but the whole shorts things is a bogus reason to get a bad rating. I'm not saying that someone should be able to wear sweatpants or some dirty grungy clothes, but you shouldn't have to wear slacks and a polo(minimum) either, that's bullshit. I know you're probably right though. One of my least favorite things about UberX is that people want '5 star' and 'premium' service for '2 star' and 'bottom of the barrel' prices.

By no means am I saying one shouldn't uphold superior customer service, a clean non-smelly car, driving safe/following all rules/regulations, etc etc. I do all of these things. What I mean is that you should never get less than 5 stars if you do all of these things, but it happens, and it annoys the piss out of me. Its as if you don't go above and beyond for some of these people, ie supplying complimentary water or a treat, wearing 'dress up' clothes, or letting the passenger play their music, you may get a bad rating.

Other bogus reasons I've been unjustifiably badly rated:

-Missing a turn that they wanted me to take even though THEY SAID NOTHING and I'm clearly following the Google Maps GPS which is the fastest route 9/10 times.
-Taking a moment to put in the destination if they haven't already entered it, or waiting to make sure the trip starts before I start moving. Even if I know where I'm going I do this to prevent ANY confusion.
-Not stopping at a busy intersection in the middle of the road to pick them up or drop them off. Its insane the amount of people who expect you to just hold up traffic or stop in the middle of the road to pick them up/drop them off, not only is this completely unsafe, but its illegal and as a driver you are risking getting a ticket or worse if you're in Hoboken or an area where the cops don't want you around.
-Not being able to stop for a pedestrian who wants to bolt in front of you car when you're just 2 feet away from the ped walk traveling the speed limit(or even under it) and would have to come to a screeching halt to stop for them. Some pedestrians around the city are the most entitled @@@@s I've ever witnessed. "YIELD TO PEDS WITHIN CROSSWALK" does not mean that peds get to leap in front of a car that's basically already about to be through the ped walk. Shit happens way too often and I don't get it.
-And the number 1 reason I seem to get badly rated? PROMOTING OTHER BUSINESSES, which I have NEVER done, and NEVER will do. That seems to be the goto reason for bad ratings for people if they just want to rate you badly even though you've done absolutely nothing wrong. Maybe they just don't like the way you look or maybe they're just racist. I hate to say this but I really think this happens.

Moral to the story? You're always going to run into @@@@s who will badly rate you no matter what you do, even if you are doing everything the right way, according to a reasonable, rational human being. Maybe I'm an idiot for not catering to these peoples every unreasonable/irrational need, but I do what I need to do and then some, and at this point I try not to even pay attention to my ratings and to the few bad ratings I do get.

My rating is about a 4.7, but it has gone down to about 4.65 at times. I was previously a limo driver for a very prestige company. The nicest/very expensive cars, only drivers allowed with pristine and extensive driving records, the utmost in customer service and professionalism always a must, and extensive driving/location knowledge. While driving for this company for years, I maybe had a problem with 2 or 3 customers, the entire time, and they were just the same, irrational and unreasonable even though everything was perfect. And this service was 4 or 5 times the cost of Uber. Now I'm with Uber and I come across people like this every other day. Quite ironic.

Not trying to be such a complainer here, just trying to explain why the Uber driver rating model is flawed. Overall most of the passengers are fine, and I really do enjoy driving for Uber more than the limo company. I don't have to work dreadful hours, I don't have to wear a suit every day, I work when I want, and most people don't expect you to wipe their ass for (basically) minimum wage. So like I said overall I really do enjoy driving for Uber more, just seems to be a better quality of life. What I don't enjoy are the weekly emails when Uber lectures me for shit that is bogus, or when customers just lie about something that I didn't even do in the first place. Should I be emailing Uber about this(when customers lie about petty shit to justify a bad rating)? Does anyone else? I've always just assumed there would be no use and you'd just get some cookie cutter bullshit response.
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You can drive a lambo, pop champagne and give passengers a butt massage with a free haircut and some of them will still find a reason to rate you a 4 or less.

You can show up with Nicki Minaj ready to toss a salad and pay the pax a rate of 1.10/mile for riding and they will still find a way to rate you 4 or less.

"Omg, I told him/her to go straight and take the next and he/she did and we got lost... How unprofessional"


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i can't understand teh logic of rating's the need a better app to show what we did wrong.. google maps took me the wrong way and i had to make another turn, the doucebag lowered my rating from 5 to 4.62 wtf, i'm a new driver just 3 days on Uber..