How to make people pay you tip.


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>>When you bring the order to the customer’s door and hand it to them, they usually say, “Thanks.” and start closing the door. That’s when you will say:
“Excuse me. You said you were going to tip in cash?”
They will usually respond, “What?” or “Huh?”
You show them your phone screen and point to the “Tip: $0.00” and say, “Yeah, you left zero dollars for the driver.”
You will usually get one of these responses:
  1. “Oh, yeah! So, sorry! Let me grab some cash.” <<It will be this response about 65% of the time. Either that or they’ll act confused and still get you cash.
  2. “Oh, yeah. I was going to update the tip in the app later.” To which, you will respond: “GH doesn’t allow you to do that.”
  3. “Someone else ordered for me.” Usually, you’re not getting anything out of these people.
  4. “Sorry. I don’t tip.” I’ve literally had approximately 2, yes, 2 people out of probably 1250 no tip orders that said this.


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Yep, shaming and lying can definitely be used effectively if that's how you choose to go about it.