How to know what you have been rated


You can't see what an individual rates you, but if you constantly keep track it isn't hard to figure out who does not give you a 5 star rating. Most times you just know how the ride went and if you get a rating shortly after or the next day that wasn't a 5 star, then some math will lead you to what you got.


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I only have Uber experience. There is no way to tell specifically. My experience is that only about 75% of Uber rides even give a rating. They don't have to rate and even have a period of time to leave that rating. But I have usually noted that when my rating took a particular hit that I can recall a recent ride that didn't go well (rider that didn't understand they had taken Uber Pool and then was pissed off, weird non-communicative rider, drunken people who think you're taking the wrong way, etc.). You learn over time to provide polite, professional service in a clean car and let the chips fall where they may. I find that with every 100 rides you're going to have those couple that you think "WTF, that person probably just gave me a 1, 2, or 3 star and there is no good reason for it".

Don't even think of appealing to Uber Support. They'll pat you on the head with one of their cut and paste email replies that thanks you for being a great "partner" and that it will all average out.

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Get on the website and it will tell you your rating. Then check after each ride. For every point you get dinged the rating will change by .01. So a 4.92 rsting will go down by .01 or go up if there is a 5 and one drops off/


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The ratings don't even matter. They want you to think they do so you can get a better "class" of passengers. Not true. Uber passengers are low class trashy people who can't afford a professional private driver. Why do you think they take Uber in the first place? Hell, why wait for the bus, sit next to psychos, and have to pay attention to the route so you can get off at the closest stop to your destination when you could pay $2 more and an uber driver will come get you when YOU are ready in a clean car, offer you free water, gum, and a cell phone charger in an air conditioned private vehicle AND drop you off at your actual destination? Make sense to me.